Chapter 48

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(Chloe POV)

"What Am I Gonna Do?" I Asked Lia. My Bestfriend.

I Sat Here On The Bathroom Sink Just Thinking. Too Much Was Going Through My Head Right Now. So I Just Sat Holding The Paper That Confirmed My Suspicions.

All The Signs Were There I Was Getting Hungry All The Time, My Senses As Gotten Sharper, I'm Tired All The Time... And This Bulge. I Knew I Wasn't Getting Fat. I Just Didn't Want To Believe It.

"You Have To Tell Levy" She Told Me.

"How?" I Asked Her.

"Just Come Out With The Truth" She Told Me.

"Oh Lia" I Said As I Took A Deep Breath.

"I'm Told White Hershey Men Like Your Bae Are Good Fathers" Lia Said Causing A Brief Smile To Spread Across My Face.

"You Know I'm Fucked..." I Told Her. "Especially If He's Not Like How Those Hershey Men You Heard About..." I Told Lia.

"Aww Don't Say That" Lia Said. "Tell Him And If Things Go South... Remember I'm Here No Matter What" She Added.

"I Know.." I Started Mid Sentence After Hearing The Door Open.

"Chloe?" I Heard Lia Asked On The Other End Of The Phone.

"Ima Call You Back" I Whispered To Her Right Before I Hung Up.

I Pulled My Shirt Down And Fixed Myself To Walk Out. But As I Did I See My Brother. Not Gem But Lani. He Locked The Door And Was Closing The Blinds And Before He Turned Around I Slowly Backed Into The Bathroom, While Closing The Door Slightly.

(Gilani POV)

"Well There Hello Again Tay" I Said As I Sat Down Beside Tays Bed.

Everyday After Gemini Leaves Here And When My Sister Goes On Her Routes To Her Other Patients I Always Find Myself In Here.

As Usual I Shut The Blinds And Lock The Door. Just In Case... Cause I Wouldn't Want Nobody To Come In And See Me Here. Alone. Talking To Tay.

"Must Be Weird To Hear My Voice... Well I'd Love To Hear Yours Right About Now"

"You Would Most Likely Ask "Well Gilani Hear My Voice? Why?"

"And I Would Tell You Because I Love Hearing Your Voice.."

"You Probably Don't Know This But I Love Everything About You"

"Your Baby Face, Mad face, Sad Face, Dimples, Eyes... When I Say Everything I Mean Everything. From Your Head To Your Toes"

"Tay What Have You Done To Me. You've Compelled Me To Fall In Love With You"

"My Brother Don't Deserve You Tay. He Don't"


(Chloe POV)

Now That Was Hectic. Cant Believe I Had To Sit Through That. But Good Thing Though, I Love My Brothers But Something Is Wrong.

"Sarah Can I See The Visitor's Log For Tay?" I Asked The Front Desk Receptionist.

"No Problem" She Said As She Handed Me The Papers.

I Looked It Over And It Seems That Lani Came 30 Minutes After Gem Everyday.

"How The Hell Did I Never See This?" I Asked Myself.

From What I Just Heard And From What I'm Seeing I Must Say I Think My Brother Has Picked Another Target. But I Hope I'm Wrong I Hope This Passes Over. This Little Crush Thing I Don't Want Gem and Lani To Go Back To How They Use To Be.

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