Chapter 14

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"You're finally here"

Taehyung says to Suga. He was a little disappointed, Suga was hoping it was Wendy.

"What are you doing, C'mon fast we need to get Wendy."

Before he could pull Taehyung to move faster, Tae stops him.

"We're not going anywhere, you and I are staying right here"
He closes the door and locks it.

"What the fuck do you think your doing"
Suga says loudly.

Tae snaps his fingers and 2 other vampires come in and hold's Suga down.

"What the hell, you're on there side? Wait your a vampire?"
Suga was shocked if they, if Tae was with them then what about Wendy.

"Where's Wendy! If you do anything to her!"

"Do you wanna know why your powers don't work on her? I know your powers don't work on her, none of our power works on her"

Suga didn't know what to say, it was true but how did they know.

"Well long ago there was a necklace that could resist vampires power, when we found out we were sent out to kill the owner. You see we thought the necklace was gone but apparently he gave it to his little sister"

"So what does this have to do with Wendy!"
He was upset, he wanted to beat them all up but they're too strong, 3 V 1 he would never win.

"Just let me finish, we found out a few years ago that the necklace still existed so we went after the owner, and killed them. It was Wendy's parents "

Suga's eyes widened, this time he was furious. They killed Wendy's parents how could they!

"How could you kill her parents? If you do anything to her I'LL KILL YOU!"

"Can you? That necklace can destroy all of us the only way to get rid of it is to kill the owner! We thought we were done but it seems the mother gave Wendy the necklace. Without her knowing about us. If you love her just let her go, do you think she loves you? Will she love you when she finds out what you are?"

"Shut up! If she can't love me then I'll keep loving her, I'll protect her if I can't have her!"

"Can you protect her from us? Your too late I sent my boys to kill her"

Suga's eye widened his eyes turn red and started punching the fuck out of Tae when the other 2 tried to stop Suga he just kicked them. He was ready to kill these bastards, who don't know the trouble of living without a mom.

He saw a pointy object and stabbed one of them in the heart, which killed them. When the other vampire saw how serious Suga was he ran away. It was just him and Taehyung, but he was more confident since its just one person.

They were punching, kicking and throwing each other but time was running before something would happened to Wendy so Suga banged Taehyungs head against the wall and he lost conscious. (Idk if that's how you spell it)

He was using super speed to find Wendy. He heard the other vampires with his hearing he could tell they had Wendy.

They were in the basement so he quickly rushed there only to see them abusing Wendy.

He used his super speed and kicked them both down.

"Suga! How did you get here??"

Wendy was tied up on a chair so she couldn't move.

He was trying his best to take down the 2 vampires, he was losing but seeing Wendy's face and how she was staying strong made him want to be stronger. He can't look like a fool in front of Wendy.

He tried his very best to defeat them, he kept pushing and pushing. He didn't want to use his full vampire powers or else Wendy would know.

"Wendy do you believe in me?"

"Uh" she said a little confused

"Can you trust me?"

"Yes, I trust you"

"Close your eyes don't open them until I say so."

"Okay" she follows the steps and closes her eyes.

Suga went full on vampire mode and easily killed them all. They tried to use there strength but failed. They weren't as angry as Suga.

"Okay you can open your eyes"

As soon as she was about to open her eyes something grabbed her and disappeared.

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