Angelic Sins: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work,, and learning from failure. – Colin Powell

                The sun is out now; I can see the lights against my curtains. I didn’t sleep at all last night. Though I don’t often enjoy sleeping at night. The day is the best time to sleep for me, but that much is obvious. Instead I was pondering on the situation. She tried to kill me because she was told he had to. Now, since I saved her, she can’t.

                Another sip of beer goes down my mouth. The bitter taste bites at my tongue. I’m not much of a beer drinker. I prefer the taste of liquor or martinis. Well, wine is the best feat for me to be drinking. Today just doesn’t feel like a wine day though. Wine is for celebration as well as martinis. Liquor is for parties and having fun, enjoying life. No, this case it calls for beer. I just need alcohol, nothing fancy or good. I shouldn’t be drinking, but I am trying to wind down. I finish my last beer and throw it in the garbage.

It smells of beer and cigarettes in here now. I notice as I have a camel in my hands. I take another puff and feel the hot smoke fill my lungs. It feels relaxing, even though I know it isn’t actually doing anything for me. The memory of what it did when I was alive is still fresh, well now it is fresh. Yesterday I wouldn’t even imagine picking up a cigarette, but today, I was alive, when I shouldn’t be. I walk to my chair and sit down. My eyes close as I relax and the cigarette burns in my fingers.

“Good morning,” Olivia says.

                I turn around to see her looking at me. The cigarette in hand drops onto my pants and I get up as my crotch burns. I quickly pat out the burning by my groin and find the cigarette burning into my carpet. I quickly toss it into the ash tray. Now I stare at the beautiful angel before me. The last woman who intrigued me this much killed me. Well, this one tried to kill me. I have to give her props for that. I don’t know why all the women I like always want to kill me.

                “How are you feeling?” I ask.

                I notice as she looks away from me now. She isn’t willing to divulge in me yet. I understand, as she probably can’t trust me yet. After barely escaping from rules that prevented her from killing me; she probably didn’t know if she could trust me in the same way. The truth is, I don’t ever see myself killing something so beautiful.

                “Better,” She says. Her eyes now look deep into mine and there is no escape as I choke over words.

                “Do you want something to eat?” I ask. She must be starving, as I haven’t had anything for her to eat since she’s been here. She isn’t human… but she isn’t a vampire, so she must eat something. I realize that all I really have here is blood and shake my head in idiocy.

                “What do you have?” She asks. I can tell she knows as well as I do that I don’t have anything but blood. I wouldn’t even dream of offering her that.

                “I can order in. What would you like?” I ask. Luckily out of all the things I chose to keep as standard humans do is a phone book. I also keep a newspaper delivery, which becomes challenging getting it in the morning when the sun shines through the apartment hallway.

                “Chinese,” she says. I now think back to when I could eat food. Chinese was something I did miss. The taste of all the spiced chicken and beef was something my memory would never let me forget.

                I nod and walk over to the phone book. Quickly I find a few restaurants that deliver and place an order. She curiously looks around my apartment. I watch as she picks up things here and there to inspect. Much to my surprise she looks disappointed.

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