Chapter 2: Call For Help (Edited)

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I awoke to the sound of a door shutting. It wasn't that loud, but enough to wake me up. I looked around at my surroundings. I was in a dark room. The only light was coming from under the door. I tried to sit up, but something was holding me down. I screamed out, but I know it was no use. Alexei wouldn't be able to hear me. My mind drifted back to Albert. Is he working for someone? Is he-

"Valeria. Such a beautiful woman. Finally mine."

My eyes widened as the lights came on and his steps grew louder. Our eyes met. I swallowed hard.

"Who are you?"

"You don't recognize me? That really hurts my feelings, Vallerina."

My eyes widened and my breath hitched. I haven't heard that name since I was a child.


I crawled behind the bush and brought my knees to my chest. My heart beating rapidly. I think it's gonna escape my chest. I squeezed my eyes shut. They snapped open when I heard footsteps. They grew louder and louder.

"I found you! I win!"

I giggled at Antonio. He helped me off the ground.

"Do you wanna play inside now?"


We made our way inside the house and what we walked into made us stop in our tracks. My dad had a gun pointed at Antonio's dad. When he saw me, he withdrew it.

"Honey, get away from that dirty Italian. We're leaving."

I was picked up and taken away from my best friend. I never saw him again.


"I actually go by Tony now."

"Why am I here?"

"You'll figure it out."

He stroked my cheek and then he was gone.

I looked around the room to find a way to get free. It was too dark to see. I wonder if Alexei knows I'm gone.


"Where is she?!"

"Sir, I don't think she's in the Estate. All of her things are gone and she t-"

I interrupted him by spitting on him.

"Find her. I don't gi-"

I was interrupted by Victor rushing in the room.

"Boss, we found something. We know who took her."

"And who was it?"

He tapped on his tablet and showed me a video that began playing. It was of Albert hitting Valeria with a metal pole and carrying her away. He made sure to look at the camera.

"He wanted you to know that he was the one who took her. We can't find him. It's as if he never existed."

I felt like my heart was gonna escape my chest. How could I let this happen? I trusted him. Took him under my wing. He betrayed me. My poor Valeria. I need to get my love back. I need to find out where he took her.

"I need you to dig up anything and everything on Albert. Family members, Close Friends, any friends, past relationships, anything."

"Sir, we alread-"

"Do it again!"

He exited the room.

I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna destroy him in front of everyone he loves.

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