Nothing Left to Lose

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 26: Nothing Left to Lose

POV: Liam

With a his usual happy smile on, Professor Longbottom stood at the front of the greenhouse, looking contently at the mixed Sixth Years in his Herbology class. Though the professor was so incredibly passionate about the subject he taught, and rarely ever let people slide when they mocked or gave no importance to Herbology, his lessons were always one of the best. He was, in all opinion, a fantastic teacher. He knew how to intrigue you, teach you, and complete hands-on activities within the time of his class.

Currently, we were at the final weeks of term, and revising had begun. We spent all of the day's lessons working backwards, reviewing things we had learned this year and then proceeding to important information from earlier ones.

"Okay, listen up, you lot," called Professor Longbottom after a round of laughter erupted from his students. "Before you leave and forget everything we have just revised, I want you lot to tell me the most important rhyme in all your time in Herbology."

"Devil Snare, Devil Snare," began his daughter Alice from her seat on one of the tables, who then was joined by other students to finish,"is deadly fun, but will soak in the sun."

The Herbology teacher grinned with enthusiasm. "Brilliant, just brilliant. You lot are really going places, I can tell."

Some students laughed at the clear teasing the professor was giving, but his daughter snorted. "Honestly, Professor," she called with feigned appraisal for authority, "the real reason you have us remember that is so that we don't end up like Potter—running from a tree branch some Slytherins bewitched as a prank."

Laughter ensued from the Slytherins and Hufflepuffs, annoyance at the petty humor was clear on the faces of some Ravenclaws, and some Gryffindors snickered and others frowned at the shame Alice Longbottom was bringing upon their Golden Boy.

My eyes turned from them and to the Gryffindor who was spinning around in his stool out of sheer boredom.

"Can you blame the professor's worry? Seems like some Gryffindors are prone for disaster, and that's speaking as a Gryffindor myself," added Lysander Scamander, who was sitting beside his girlfriend Alice. "Then again, we all know Potter's a special case."

Stopping mid spin, James Potter frowned at our fellow Gryffindor. "Repeat that again, Scamander," he hissed. "I dare you."

With a small chuckle, Professor Longbottom raised his hands in the air to call for attention. "Settle down," he said to the entire room, but his kind eyes were particularly upon James. "No laughing at the expense of my assistant, okay. Remember that he has the power to fail all of you. After all, he is the one who submits your final marks to the Headmistress."

Some scoffs and whispers were passed around the Herbology classroom. Slytherins, especially, paused their laughter.

"That's right," egged James from his stool, "I'm in power here, you gits."

I laughed at the reaction his comment got.

One who didn't find James amusing was his cousin Rose. "I told Neville this was a bad idea from the beginning," she whispered to the members of our table. "He thought that by making James his assistant he'd gain some experience that would help him apply to universities, but clearly that went to the dogs. I adore Neville, but he believes too much in James."

"There's nothing wrong with James," I defended the Seventh Year from the sweet, yet stubborn Rose.

Scorpius snorted from Rose's left. "Are you kidding? Everything is bloody wrong with the git."

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