Meeting the Winchesters

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"Get away from my sister!" Luna screamed. "Jeez, settle down little girl." The older one said. "My name is Luna and stay the hell away from my sister! And I am 17 FRICKEN YEARS OLD!" Luna screamed again. "Ok then. Great meeting you. And your welcome by the way." "Wait." I said. Looking up at the smaller brother. "Please help us." I said. "Well, Dean, she wants us to help, so we might as well." "Is your name dean?" I said, again looking at the shorter one. "We are the Winchesters. And we can help you. I'm Sam. And that's Dean." Pointing to the shorter one. Sam walked over to my sister, and whipped out a knife. "Please don't kill me!" Said Luna. "Don't worry. I'm just cutting you free." Said Sam. "Alright, no chick flick moments!" Said Dean. The trench coat man looked at me for about a minute. "Dean." Said a gruff voice coming grime the man in the trench coat. "Can I talk to you? In private."

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