Chapter 1

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I'm told a fresh start will be good for me a new house, new School, new friends or I guess friends period. I'm not really good with people I have a hard time socializing I much rather be by myself but I promised my aunt I would try.

I was sad moving out of the house I grew up in but it was hard being in that house everyday to many memories.

We had been in the car for hours
"Are you excited about the new house" my aunt says smiling at me

"Yeah I can't wait to see it" I give her a small smile

"You are going to love it the house is huge there's so many bedrooms you could get lost in this place"

"I'll make sure I'll leave some bread crumbs so you can find me"

"I think this will be good for both of us to start fresh and I heard good things about the new school" she says trying to make me feel better

"That's good"

"I know this is hard for you so many changes"

"I'm used to changes" I shrug

She looks at me sadly "just try and make friends here i know your lonely everyone needs someone to talk to"

"I have you"

"But I'm sure there's things you can't tell me you need someone your age"

"Your not that old"

"Thanks" she laughs

After another hour we finally pull up on the street " okay it's on the right" she says looking "there" she points it's kind of hard to miss this house its huge but it looks like it belongs in a horror film it just looks Creepy "Nice huh" she say grinning

"Yeah" I say as we get out of the car

I can't help but stare at it it just seems so out of place on this streets with all the normal looking houses I look over to a window and it looks like there's someone standing there.

"Ready to go in" my aunt asks, I look at her then back at the window but there's nothing there now

"Umm yeah" i guess I just need sleep

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