2. Purple Leather Coat

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I suddenly felt like I couldn't stand still anymore, that I had to move, had to try to get lose. I put my hands on his chest trying desperately to push him away, but he just pushed back harder.

- Nuh uh, don't try to run, can't you see this beautiful piece of metal that I have here? Could blow your head right off if I wanted to.

My eyes locked on the white and purple gun - odd colors for a gun, I thought, before remembering who it belonged to. He wore a white dress shirt, the three top buttons unbuttoned revealing a pale chest, covered in tattoos. Over the shirt he had on a purple leather coat, patterned like some kind of reptile. Wait a minute. What the hell am I doing? I could die any minute and all I'm thinking about is the Jokers outfit. I shook my head lightly as if to reset my brain to some kind of normal mode, trying to think of what to do. And as if the Joker had read my mind, he spoke.

- The only thing you need to do, can do, unless you want to die, is what I say. OK?

I looked him in the eyes and swallowed dryly as I nodded. He smirked.

- Good. Now, I'm gonna' take my hand off that pretty little mouth of yours and you are going to stay quiet, yes?

I nodded again. His hand slowly released its hold on my mouth, and I licked my lips un-intentionally. His eyes followed the movement of my tongue and he mmm-ed slowly and nodded.

- Good. Good. Now, do as you always do to get into the offices, OK? And quickly, I don't have all day to rob this bank. HAHAHAHA.

His laughter was the one I had heard on the news, from one of his recorded kidnapping-videos, and it made all of the hairs on my body stand straight up. He motioned me to walk down the hallway, and followed closely behind me with one hand on my shoulder, and the other pointing the gun on my back. I tried to focus on what I needed to do, which was to do what he told me to do - I was not going to die for this job, the bank, or my piece of shit boss. A sudden feel of anger surged through me, but not at the Joker, but at my boss, for putting me in this situation. I knew that thought was misguided but I couldn't help myself. Hell, it gave me a kind of confidence, and as I straightened my back slightly I spoke for the first time.

- Just so you know, I'll do whatever you say. I'm not dying today, here of all places.

I felt his hand start to massage my shoulder and I practically felt his lips twist into a smile near my ear as he answered.

- Mmmm, yesss.. That's a good girl..

When we reached the end of the hallway, I unlocked another door with my keycard that hung across my neck, and followed up with the same four digit code as the back door. I opened it carefully and continued forward, turning right into the small hallway that held all kinds of different doors leading to the employee kitchen, some storage rooms, and of course - the offices, that in turn lead out to the main floor and the tellers that worked with the customers, handling all kinds of cash. That's where I thought he must be headed, but I asked, just in case.

- Where did you want to go? What are you going to do?

I didn't mean to ask that second question but the confidence gained from the feeling of anger hadn't yet left, and I was curious.

- Offices. Your office, or cubicle or whatever, to be exact. I'm gonna need you to do a little something.

My brows furrowed as I thought of all the people that we were going to pass to get to my corner, five probably, if I remember correctly who was working this morning.

- But, what about the other ones? There are going to be like five people there, you can't get by unnoticed. Or... A-are you going to kill them?

I cursed under my breath for stuttering, but I couldn't help myself, I was scared for my colleagues, friends... My thoughts were cut off by laughter again, but not quite the same one - softer this time, like he was shaking his head at me in amusement.

- Oh, sweetie, you don't want them to die? Well, you're in luck this time, as much as I'd like to shoot some people, that's not todays plan. You'll see.

I wondered what he meant as I swiped my card to open the last door that led to the offices. I braced myself for what was coming as he opened the door himself this time, with the hand that had until now massaged my shoulder. When we got inside my eyes opened wide with shock. There, in the small office-space covered in white walls and billboards and that had only two small windows facing outside to the street, I saw my colleagues lying on the floor. I coughed as the smell of some sort of gas reached my nose, and my gaze shifted from the bodies to the light gray smoke evaporating near the ceiling.

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