Story One: SOS

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Inside of a club at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada there were strange reports around 12 AM and 5 AM about strange noises inside the Hallways and inside the Club itself. A Janitor by the name of Jonas Fallen said to the Reporter of Channel 5 News that "He saw strange noises like a woman screaming in terror, a man screaming as if he was being dismembered and a little boy yelling for his mommy." The next four nights he worked there was a living nightmare.

Jonas continued to hear terrifying bodies until he saw a shadowy figure.

The shadowy figure was in the shape of one of the Security Guards that worked with him the previous three nights but something was a little off about the way he appeared.

The Security Guard looked like he had been beaten to a bloody pulp and with a bunch of cuts and scars from objects being thrown at him with an eye missing and his throat cut.

In terror Jonas ran away until he ran into the Manager of the Bellagio except who he thought was the Manager of the Bellagio it was actually a crazy man that killed the Manager.

Before e could react in time he was knocked out and imprisoned under the Bellagio. Funny thing that what people thought was the Bellagio was actually a strange appearance that happens every five years.

The Bellagio becomes the Dnuorgyalp S'natas.

It wasn't until a young man named Frank Grey saw the sign backwards was when he found out that every five years the Bellagio becomes Satan's Playground.

And the only thing that proved it existed was a small note written by the Manager and Janitor that were inside the building that simply said "SOS"

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