Chapter 6 Time of The Month~

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You woke up and went to the bathroom. You made pre and stood up seeing blood coming out! "Aaaahhhh!" You yelled because you thought you was dieing! All your brothers ran to your aid. Mathias had a bat "where the robber?!" Lukas saw you shaking "what's wrong __?" You looked at him with tears in your eyes and said "I'm dying!" They all looked at you with shocked looks. "W-what are y-you talking about s-sis?" Tino said with tears flowing down his pale cheeks. You point to the toilet. They all looked inside and looked at each other with blushing faeces. Tino patted your back "umm ... ___ your not dying" you wiped your tears off and looked up at him "really? How do you know?" He blushed and pulled Berwald sleeve so he can tell you. Berwald bend down next to your form and said "It's normal for girl to bleed" you looked at him confused "umm...why?" You asked "it has to do with umm Nevermind tell you when your older..." You smiled and said "I'm not dying! Yay! Is this a one time thing!?" Berwald told you "no it happens every month" you froze in place as he told you.

Berwald Point of View

We was all sleeping when we heard ___ scream at the top of her lungs. We all ran to are aid. She looked at us with tears in her eyes and told us "I'm dying!" She cried and point to the toilet and we looked what she was talking about....she had her period....she growing up to fast. Denmark was cracking up in the corner and Tino tried to explain what she had but he need me to tell her because it was to embarrassing for him. So I did. I hope she doesn't have mood swings.

You was in your bed holding your stomach. 'This is feels hurts to move' you had tears in your eyes because of the pain. Berwald gave you pads to put on you panties. You asked "how many can I use?" He told you "one and when it get full use another" you blush and went to your room feeling embarrassed. And just lied in your bed all day. Tino gave you snacks and (favorite drink) all day for you. You feel like yelling at everything but that wasn't gonna take your pain away.

You waited for a week to finish your period! You dance with your brothers when it was gone but you knew it world come back and when it did let just say you always asked your brother "WHY CAN'T I BEEN BORN A BOY?!"

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