This was my chance to escape from hell. I threw the bag out of the window and swung myself off of the ledge. I'd get away this time and live on my own, just as I had wanted to when I was fifteen. The damn dog started barking and a light turned on. My head turned quickly and my side hit the ground.

Pain shot through my body, but I had to get up. I had to keep going. "Luke!" she cried. "Shit." I cursed to myself. I stood up and tried running but collapsed again. Please no, I have to get out of here. "Jeff get him! He's running away again! Luke!" she called again. I writhed in pain as I curled up in a ball on the ground. Yeah, smart thinking Luke. Jump out of a second story window.

I felt large hands rip me from the ground. "Boy, I've had it with you." a cold hard slap across the cheek added to the hurt running down my body. My teeth clenched and lip busted, I could barely hold my head up. "Look at me when I'm talking to you, you son of a bitch."

I couldn't let him know that I was in pain. I couldn't let him win. I looked into his almost black eyes. Laura ran over to her husbands side. "Look at you. Why can't you just learn to stay put?" her voice was loud. This was my foster family. Now you see why I wanted to escape this place.

"Get back inside. I'll call the adoption agency in the morning." she spat before rubbing her temples and pacing back into the house. I was left with Jeff once more and I was afraid he would hit me again. I swallowed hard before trying to walk inside. He can't see me like this; he can't see me in pain. He would think I'm weak.

Tears filled my eyes as I walked into the house and up the stairs, locking my door and falling once again on my bed. Tears spilled from my eyes and I held my rib area, trying to stop the unbearable pain. Something was broken, I could tell.

"I can't handle this anymore. We've never had trouble with teens before, but this boy is the son of the devil, I swear." I heard the witch hiss at her spouse.

"I'll teach him a lesson. That's how you make a man out of him, you show him what it feels like to deal with his shit." his deep voice boomed through the house and I silently prayed that he wouldn't.

"No, Jeff. That's not necessary. We can't take him back to the orphanage all beat up." she sighed. "Let's just try to sleep and then I want to get that boy out of this house as soon as possible." the sound of her delicate feet on the stairs could be heard from my door.

I hated it here. I just wanted to die.



"Molly! You left your homework on the kitchen table." my mom shouted from the kitchen. I took the headphones out of my ears and trotted down the stairs.

"We have some news for you and William. As soon as I get dinner on the table, we can discuss it." she smiled sweetly and I tried to mimick it as I picked up my things from the table.

"Are we getting a dog or something?" I questioned. She laughed. "No, Molls. We are most definitely not getting a dog." she shook her head and stirred a pot of something or other on the stove.

Dad got home just in time for dinner and we sat down at the table. My stomach was growling as the rich smells filled the air. William sat next to me telling me about how fish can turn from males to females depending on the amount of mates in the school for breeding. He was ten years old, but seemed a lot older as he was highly interested in science and animals.

"Alright, kids." my mom started. "Before we eat, we have some news." she smiled.

"Oh my god, you're pregnant." I dropped my fork. My dad laughed loud. "No, Molly. We aren't pregnant."

My mom looked to my dad. "We've decided to adopt...a boy." they finally said. My stomach turned. "You can't ever replace him." I said sternly. My mom looked down.

"Molly, we aren't trying to replace him." my dads voice was low. "We just felt like we should give another boy a home, because Griffin isn't with us anymore."

I shook my head. "No, you can't."

"Molly, we can discuss this." my mother said.

"What is there to discuss? I don't want someone sleeping in his bed and wearing his clothes. Do you know how hard that will be for us?" I stood up and left the room, not wanting to continue this conversation. I was no longer hungry. "Molly! Come back here, please!"

Griffin was my older brother. One night he went to a party, and he didn't come home. The next day when we searched for him, they found him in one of the rooms of the house, blood pouring down from his mouth and an empty look in his eye, his fingers wrapped around the gun that had killed him. He had shot himself. No one knew why he had done it. We thought he was happy; always smiling and laughing.

I closed my eyes and curled up in a ball under my blankets. I couldn't believe that they would even consider adopting. It's like they were trying to replace him. My eyes watered as I reached over and grabbed the small jewelry box from my nightstand that Griffin had bought for my thirteenth birthday, three years ago. I opened it and let the soft chiming music ring through my room.

I wouldn't let this ruin me. I had to stay strong for him. Maybe he'd want us to do this.

I had to.


So I had to start this story. I just got this idea and I had to write it. I think this may be one of my best stories, if not my best. I can't wait for you guys to read it (if you do)

So Molly is actually played by Molly C Quinn.

Anyways, if this gets at least a few reads, I will update for sure. Thank you for reading!


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