The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon cooking, this was a new and wonderful experience since my family never ate breakfast since no one was ever home when I woke up. I got slowly to my feet and went to clean up and get dressed so I could head to the kitchen. When I entered the room I saw Harry and Ron in a deep discussion and Hermione barely flipping the rest of the food onto a large platter.

"That smells delicious Hermione" I told her as I went to grab the platter so she could get the pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Setting it on the table I grabbed some plates and silverware and then took my seat beside Hermione. It seemed like a cheery day besides the fact that there were still 4 horcruxes we had to hunt down and destroy. For our own sanity Hermione had suggested that we be a bit selfish and rest up as much as we could and then set out again tomorow. We all agreed.

Harry and Ron were practicing their dueling - using simple spells-  outside the tent as they kept watch for the first shift. Hermione was in the small library reading a few books that she had found interesting. I myself accompanied her and was reading a book about my families geneology and history, half the things I read disgusted me and some of the others did just the opposite.

From my periphial vision I watched as Hermione closed the book and got to her feet to began a light pace. She looked a bit flustered as if something was bothering her. I got quickly to my feet and moved to stand infront of her and she stopped.

"What is bothering you Hermione?" I asked curiously.

"Nothing" she lied. Hermione was a terrible liar that was something I quickly learned since the first day I met her.

"Hermione, you can trust me. What is on your mind"

She leaned up against the bookshelf and looked at me.

"We should just be friends. I mean you and I, there is just too much to lose on your end if we continue."

I shook my head, moving forward I took her hand into my own and looked deeply into her eyes.

"I don't care about what I will lose, it is nothing compared to not having you in my life. There is nothing I want more than you." I finished in a shaky voice.

I was afraid that she was just trying to be nice but really didn't want to be with me. I don't know what I would do if I ever lost her. Then my thoughts were pulled in a different direction as I heard their laughs. Maybe she was falling for someone else, Ron or Harry. Instantly a surge of jealously flew through my veins. Then again maybe she was being honest about there being too much to lose.

I thought over that part, if I was to marry her I would be disowned, I would lose the money I was suppose to inherit and I would lose the things my father was going to leave me in his will. So what, inanimate objects and a set life with no financial worry was in my future, but without Hermione I could not see a future. I would give up everything down to the clothes off my back if I got to have this woman as my wife for the rest of our lives.

I looked at her with pleading eyes but she just shook her head. I saw her glance towards the clock before she headed to the kitchen. I can't believe she will give up that easy, I wont let her. I went rigid before running from the room as I heard her scream. When I got to where she was at I saw her staring at Harry who was lying on the floor panting and shaking, his eyes unfocused.

What was happening? I looked to Ron and Hermione who just stood their with worried looks on their faces just watching him. I mean he looked hurt and no one was trying to help him. Before I could continue on with that thought his eyes seemed to focus and he sat up breathing heavily. He looked up to Ron and then to Hermione before he spoke.

"He knows... You-know-who knows we are hunting horcruxes. He is angry and scared. I saw another, it is at Hogwarts."

When he finished speaking I tried hard to put the words together in a way that made sense to me. You-know-who was obviously Voldemort, he just found out we were hunting and destroying his horcruxes. So far that made sense. The last one was at Hogwarts.... I didn't like the idea of walking into the school that was so heavily gaurded with dark wizards and death eaters, especially with Hermione at risk.

"No... I know what you are thinking" I snapped to Harry. "No way in hell is Hermione going near that school, if she gets caught" I didn't even bother to finish my sentence because I knew they would get my drift.

"No one is forcing Hermione or Ron to go along" he replied back to me. "They chose to be here, they can leave any time they want."

Hermione moved a bit closer to Harry and looked him in the eye, I saw the care and loyalty behind them.

"I am not turning my back on your Harry, we have gotten this far."

Ron moved in beside the two of them.

"I aint leaving you mate" he muttered.

The three looked at me as if they were waiting for me to walk away but I moved forward as well. If Hermione was going to go then so was I. I wasn't about to let her go without me, I needed to know that she was safe. Taking a deep breath I nodded my head.

"So when are we going?"

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