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Okay, so, I'm changing the concept of the whole story.
It will not be published under this book.
This will be the version that just focuses on Gemini, Aries, and Capricorn. The New version will have a chapter with every zodiac. I'll start writing that version once I finish with this book and the second book, which won't be anytime soon.

i sucks at writing,
Earthquake, after Earthquake. Hurricane, after hurricane. The weather patterns had become strange, in the zodiac realm.
Hot places were unusually cold. Thunderstorms would happen almost everyday. You couldn't predict anything anymore. Almost everyday was bad. The zodiacs decided to have a meeting.
"Order, order!" Sagittarius yelled. "Who has an idea on what's happening?"
Nobody said anything. The only thing you could hear was the Gemini twins giggling.
"Do you have anything to say?"
The Gemini twins stopped giggling, and faced Sagittarius.
"Sorry, we weren't paying attention." Gemini said. Gemini was the male of the two. "Can you repeat what you said?"
Sagittarius sighed. "Leo! Do you have anything?"
Everyone looked towards him. He had all the brains.
"The stars are moving." He replied. "The hot places that are unusually cold aren't getting the stars heat is what I'm assuming."
"Nice observation!" Sagittarius exclaimed. "Anyway, do you have anything, Virgo?"
"I'm having trouble breathing in the areas where the temperature has remained the same." Virgo said. "It only affects those with Asthma."
"Wait!" Capricorn exclaimed. "Leo and I did that study upon the stars together! We forgot something."
Leo pulled out a map.
"There are twelve stars in the capital in the formation of the star. They are there because of us. We all know that." Capricorn explained. "The stars are moving towards those twelve stars. They're circling around them."
"The stars are rebelling is what it seems like." Leo concluded.
Sagittarius' face drained of all color. "The world is ending."
"WHAT!?" The rest of the zodiacs exclaimed.
Except the Gemini twins. They were too busy giggling.

Capricorn, Aries, and Gem (The girl of the Gemini twins) were sitting at the kitchen table as they were eating their breakfast.
"Why are all three of us on Earth?" Gem demanded to know. "Why did you separate me from Gemini? Why couldnt we stay?"
Capricorn sighed. "Gem, did you pay attention in our meeting?"
"No." Gem confessed.
"All of us are being seperated into different parts of Earth. There are four groups, with three in each of those groups." Capricorn explained. "The reason for this is--"
"WHY ARE WE BEING SEPERATED!?" Gem yelled. She stood up and gripped the edges of the table.
"I was explaining." Capricorn retorted. "As I was saying, we're being seperated because the zodiac realm is being destroyed."
Gem was quiet.
"You guys can argue all you want, but im not going to be late to school." Aries stood up, and left for school.
"School?" Gem whispered.
"Yes Gem, school. I already told you that I enrolled you guys. I'm just going to assume you didn't pay attention. Again." Capricorn rolled his eyes. "Like Aries said, we're going to be late. School starts at eight ten, and it's eight o'clock. I'm leaving."
Gem stared at Capricorn as he left for school.
"You should come too!" He yelled.

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