Chapter 44

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Your P.O.V

I woke up and got dressed. I got the twins dressed too.  I dressed Lili:

  I dressed Lili:

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And then Ali:

"Sherlock I'm going to work now", I said

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"Sherlock I'm going to work now", I said. "Alright dear, I'll pop in later with the girls and see how you are.You look amazing. You would never think you just had twins", He laughed. "Sherlock, shut up. I really need to go", I smiled. He gave me a quick peck on the lips. I said goodbye to the girls and I walked outside 221B. I was instantly hit with press. "Miss L/N! How are things in Baker Street?", A reporter asked eagerly following me. "Everything is great, now if you dont mind, I would like to be able to go to my work in peace.", I smiled. They cleared a path for me and I walked through it on the way to Scotland Yard. I got to Scotland Yard and the place was filled to the brim with people. "Lestrade? What's going on?", I asked. "We have too many cases and not enough people to solve them", he sighed rubbing his eyes. "Alright, give me all the kidnapping files you have and Anderson and I will sort them out. Give Sally the break-ins and you take theft. Give Detective Inspector Dimmock the murders and I'm sure we will get along faster. He smiled. "Thank God you're here, Y/N", He laughed and handed me the case files. I took them to my office to figure out some of the cases. Within 10 minutes, the first case was cracked and we were on the way to pick the little boy up. Well he was about 14 so he wasnt that little. We found him and brought him back to his parents. Within 2 hours all of the cases were solved and I only had one more to do. Lestrade didnt have the file yet as apparently it was happened at about 3.30 this morning. He walked into my office and handed me the file. I opened it up and was about to scream. Little William and Elise Watson had been kid-napped this morning. Right away I could tell that this kid-napping was personal to Sherlock and I because John and Mary were our best-friends. John and Mary last seen them in their cots this morning, so that tells me that this guy can break in anywhere but yet he chooses to break in to the Watson's place. It clicked. I told Lestrade that it was some guy called Jim Moriarty, Lestrade's eyes widened as I talked, but I had no idea how to get to him. The mail-man came around with an envelope for us. It read:

Meet at the one place you cant forget and little William and Elise  will be there in a flash. You have 5 minutes, dearie.

~M x

I read the note and felt sick to my stomach. I had to be really careful. The one place I cant forget? It could be the airport when Jeanine told me my kids were a mistake. It was always in the back of my mind, thinking Sherlock didnt want the girls. Or it could be the beach near Oban when Sherlock gave me my locket. Or it could be the hall we had John's wedding in where Sher proposed. There were so many places. A flash. What flashes? A camera flashes! So one place where a significant moment of my life happened near a camera. Outside the cafe! Where Sherlock and I had our first kiss. I dropped everything and hailed a cab. I told the driver to drive really fast. Police business. I held up my badge and he instantly recognised who I was. He slammed his foot on the pedal. 2 minutes left. We ran into traffic and it was going to take way longer to get there. I paid the cab driver, got out and started to run.  1 minute left. I started to see the café in sight and I ran faster into the bundles of press clouding outside the café because Tom was inisde ordering a coffee. 30 seconds left.  He noticed me outside trying to push my way through the cameras. 10 seconds left. I managed to push through and kneeled behind one of the reporters to find William and Elise with a sniper dot aiming at their forehead. I scooped them up and ran inside the café. There was a note attached to them. I opened it.

Well done, you solved it. I thought I better go out with, quite literally, a BANG! Dont worry, I'll still be around pet, you just wont see me for a long time. But I can guarantee you, you will see me again. Hope you miss me!

-M x

I breathed in and out shakily as Tom ran up to me. "Y/N? Are you okay sweetie?", he asked rubbing my shoulder. "I'm fine, just work. Its a tiny bit stressful today.", I said. "Alright, take a trip down to 221c later and come and see us before we leave soon.", He sighed. I nodded and walked outside to get a cab back to Scotland Yard with William and Elise. I got to Scotland Yard and ran inside to notify Lestrade. I saw him and shouted "Call John and Mary!". He nodded and ran to the phone. When John and Mary got here, they asked what happened and I told them everything. "Well thank you Y/N, so much", Mary sighed. "We cant thank you enough", John smiled, happy that he now had his little boy and girl back. They both enveloped me in a hug and left. I sat back down and dozed off as we had solved all of our cases. I was awoken sharply by the sounds of two babies wailing and screaming. Sherlock came rushing in. "Y/N, they wont stop crying", he said panicked. "I've tried everything. We need to take them to the hospital!", he continued and then passed them over to me. I shushed them and rocked them and they stopped crying and went to sleep. Sher looked confused. "Mother's love", I laughed. "Well I guess we know who the favourite parent is then", he joked and laughed. We got organised and we walked home. I got changed into pajamas and settled Lili and Ali. It was a long stressful day so we climbed into bed and fell asleep right away.

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