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A/N: While I was listening to the song 'Norwegian wood' I was seeing the scene they describe like a movie in my mind again. This happens everytime I hear it. So now I took John's words and turned it into a story. I'm not really proud of how it turned out, but it was fun to write. So I decided to share it with you after all. Hope you'll enjoy.

John was standing inside the club where they just performed. He was leaning against the wall smoking a ciggie.

While he took a long drag from his cigarette, he calmly observed his surroundings.

He saw that the other three were talking to a bunch of pretty girls now.

John grinned and started to walk over to them when suddenly his eyes fell on a pretty girl sitting alone at the bar.

She had the most beautiful long legs he had ever seen and her long blond hair was glowing in the light of the club. She was sipping her wine delicately with her cherry lips and the best of all...she was alone. John waited for a moment more to make sure there wasn't a boyfriend showing up.

Soon he was sure she really was alone and he adjusted his shirt and quickly ran his fingers through his sweaty hair.

John walked confident over to the bar and he when he reached her, he leaned casually backward with one elbow on the bar so he could face her.

"What's such a good looking bird like you sitting here all alone at the bar for?" He asked staring at the pretty bird .

No reaction came and the girl didn't even look at him while taking another sip of her wine.

"What's your name beautiful?" John spoke up, but reaction "The name's John Lennon" he then tried starting to feel a bit stupid.

"So?" The girl finally reacted raising an eyebrow but still not looking at him.

"Told you mine now you have to tell me yours" he grinned at her.

"Says who..." the girl answered dryly still not bothering to lay her eyes on him.

"Me." John said and "I'm the band leader of the Beatles band"

"Oh...You want me to give you a round of applause or something John...what was it... Lemon?" She sarcastically said finally glancing at him for a moment before turning her eyes away again and taking another sip of her wine.

John opened his mouth to reply something wicked, but for some strange reason the cheeky John was lost for words for a moment so he closed it again.

This had never happened to him before and John found it rather confusing but also very interesting. The mysterious bird had his full attention now...and her big blue eyes...they were mesmerizing him.

"Johnny?" He then heard and now saw Paul standing in front of him "You okay?" he asked a bit concerned seeing John's absent look on his face.

"Well hello there pretty boy" the girl suddenly spoke up glaring at Paul.

So...she does have a voice and interest in men John thought to himself.

"Oh hey Paulie" John smiled at the tired looking bassist.

Paul looked over at the girl uninterested for a moment and nodded politely at her before turning his attention back to john.

"I'm heading back home. Jane's waiting for me and I'm really knackered" he informed John "See you tomorrow then?" he asked.

"Sure!" John smiled at Paul who let out a big yawn "See you tomorrow. Night Macca" he nodded.

"Night Johnny" Paul smiled back and started to walk away.

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