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Chapter 46: Behind the Mask


A/N: Author’s-Gonna-Rant-On-You-Something-Important-Kind-of-Note

Everything’s planned and outlined. The near end is coming. Can you feel it? Haha. Anyway, I mentioned on my Watty Status before that I promised someone to finish MHSG by December, right? But something occurred that really inspired me so I’m here doing the writing frenzy-mode and taking everyone’s breath away by posting 2 chapters in a week. Wow! I received all the love! Thank you!

So here’s the thing. MHSG will have the final conclusion on the 50th chapter. So brace yourselves! And something really awesome occurred! Can you guess what that is? Haha. And yeah, uulitin ko ito: Readers are so awesome! We are so awesome! It’s like, tell me what books you read and I’ll tell you how awesome you are! Haha. And you really are!

P.S. Let me address some stuff ‘cause I am receiving a lot of queries about it.

Soft copies — I’m giving no soft copies yet. I got better plans like “giving a hard copy for free if you promise to be a good girl like Autumn plan.” Haha.

Van’s POV – Refer to previous A/N and see how technical editor is. And oh, I suggest you prepare a tissue for bleeding.

Summer’s over-thinking and not thinking at all skills – Talk to Summer and ask her for some combat fighting techniques

MHSG Character’s account – They are so fictional. They only exist in this novel because the Earth is so bothered by their awesomeness! Haha. You can always have them in your heart!

Dedications – We’re trying to sort it out. Sorry sa mga nagtatanong na di namin napagbibigyan. Busy talaga.

SLOW UPDATE – I can update everyday and give you a crappy, short freaking chapter. But really, I’m trying to do my best despite of my heavy schedule! Haha. Dude! I’m never sleeping because I love writing this novel. Imagine, it took me hours and sleepless nights to write a chapter and then, it will only take you minutes to read it and demand more? Haha. I could say more but I won’t. Try asking Editor about this! She would snap! Haha! It’s really fun to make her snap, she becomes so technical! But I’m so not gonna ginger snaps on you! I’ll just FIND you instead. Haha.

Publishing MHSG -- ^______^

Sequels and Coming Books – I’m so in love with words and will forever write.

Soundtrack for this chapter: Broken by Chris Sligh

+Siel Alstreim+


I should have been saved. I should have been free and unscathed. I had the chance to be out and away from this hell hole. Subalit isang maliit na pagkilos ko lang na labag sa plano ay heto ang kinasadlakan ko. But what could I do? I couldn’t bear to leave. I just couldn’t leave. Pinilit kong imulat ang mata ko upang alamin kung nasaan ako. Tsk. I think I should be getting used to situations like this. Ang unang nakita ko ay puting tiles na sahig. Well, I was expecting some dark and gloomy place instead of a clean, tiled floor. At ang sunod ay ang taong nakagapos at nakasalampak sa sahig. He was looking at me intently and worry was still in his eyes. Or maybe my vision was just playing with me.

“I have always expected you to do stupid things. But not as stupid as this.” Narinig kong sabi niya. Bakas ang kontroladong galit sa seryoso niyang tono.

“Oh. I thought you might need some company,” kalmado kong sagot but deep in my thoughts, I was so relieved that he was okay. Hindi siya agad sumagot. Alam kong nagtatagis ang bagang niya sa inis habang nakatingin sa akin. Hindi ko na lang iyon pinansin at sa halip ay isang bagay ang pumasok sa isip ko.

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