I can't believe we just did that!

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We woke up the next morning bright and early, it was time to prep for Gringotts. I myself didn't have to put on a disguise since I would be portraying myself so I just sat back and watched as Hermione was playing around with new looks. Ron ended up with brown hair and no freckles which was perfect thought simple, if I hadn't watched him being transformed I wouldn't have recognized him. Harrys hair was changed to blonde and his eyes to blue and Hermione put a charm on his glasses to make them appear invisible. Last but not least Hermione used a pans reflection to change herself. She like Harry went blonde with blue eyes, they could pass as twins.

I watched as she turned to me and smiled blushing a bit.

"Well... how do I look?" She asked me.

It took me quite sometime to respond, I simply didn't have the words to explain how beautiful she looked. Instantly I thought of her and my future, if we both survived he would have to propose to her.

"You look amazing" I paused for a few moments to pull my thoughts together. "Ron you will be Marcus Flint, Harry you will be Adrian Pucey and Hermione you will be my girlfriend Astoria Greengrass" Hermione blushed at those words, they all nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

I walked over to the bunk and pull my rucksack onto my lap before reaching my arm deep into the bag. I pulled out 3 sets of traveling robes and threw them over to them.

"Put those on, if you want to impersonate a pure blood you are going to need to dress like a million galleons" I finished with a chuckle.

I waited patiently for them to change before we walked outside and started undoing the enchantments and taking down the tent. I took Hermione's bag and put it inside my own before placing the shrinking charm on it and sticking it in my robes pockets.  We grabbed hands before Hermione turned on the spot and we were sucked into nothingness.

Once I opened my eyes I looked around, we were in Diagon Alley. Heading towards Gringotts I stopped and turned to them.

"Do not talk or introduce yourself unless I gesture you too. If some one says something to you and its appropriate to do so nod your head."

It took 49 steps to get to the front desk inside Gringotts from where we stood. With the three standing behind me as my flanks I cleared my throat to grab the goblins attention.

"I wish to enter the vault of Bellatrix Lestrange." I said in my snobby voice I used so well.

The goblins eyes flickered up and caught mine.

"Identification?" He asked.

I reached into my robes and grabbed my wand from my wand pocket and placed it before him. I watched as his long thin fingers picked it up and stared at it if he were studying it and then he let out a sigh.

"Right this way Mr. Malfoy." he said as he grabbed a latern and headed towards the entrance to the underground vaults.

I was on edge the entire time, how were we supposed to look for this horcrux with a goblin breathing down our necks. Maybe we could ask for a bit of privacy or maybe we can use the imperio curse on him or something. Those were my constant thoughts as we neared my Aunts vault.

I watched as the goblin walked forward with the clankers to yeild the dragon and then even more so I watched as he placed his hand on the vault causing it to open. My eyes widened as I saw what was inside, not because it was a new sight to my eyes but because I just realized we would have to look through everything to find the horcrux.

I walked close to the three and we moved inside the vault.

"Don't touch anything, the items have the gemino curse on it which will cause anything touched by a foreign person to multiply." They nodded in understanding.

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