♪ Chapter 15

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C H A P T E R  15

"So, do you have anyone coming to visit you May?" Keara drawled, smiling innocently at me, "Are your parents coming to see their lovely daughter?"

Stella let out a snort of laughter, "You never told me you had a sister May."

Keara smirked, and high fived Stella as I stared at them blankly. "That was so funny I forgot to laugh." I drawled, rolling my eyes.

"Were we supposed to laugh?" Caleb questioned in confusion.

I shrugged, "I think that was her attempt to be funny. Maybe we should laugh so we don't deflate her confidence."

Both Caleb and I began to chuckle awkwardly while both Stella and Keara glared at us. Stella spent her first week staying out of trouble, but once she heard about the 'May and Keara war' and the 'May Riley is psycho' rumor, she jumped to Keara's defense.

We were sitting out by the dance square where Caleb had set up his drum kit. He had promised me months ago that he would teach me how to play drums. And coincidentally, both Stella and Keara wanted to practice dancing while we practiced. We would move, but there was no where else free and quiet that we could practice in.

I shared a look at Caleb and we both smirked. Both of us glanced at Stella and widened our eyes in shock. 

"Oh my god." I gasped, using my hand to cover my mouth.

"What?" Stella asked, dumbfounded.

"I'm a guy and even I know..." Caleb trailed off, shaking his head.

"Know what?" Stella snapped again, and began to feel her face. She looked at Keara for help, and allowed Keara to examine her face.

"There's nothing wrong." Keara stated firmly.

I scoffed, "Of course you'd say that."

"If I were you Stella, I'd check your eyebrows." Caleb added, and he stroked his own left one, "My eyebrows though. My eyebrows are on point all the time-"

Stella let out a whine mixed with a strangled sob and sprinted from the square towards the bathrooms. I glanced at Caleb and nodded at him. "Good job."

"Thanks, I've been practicing my bitchiness."

We both turned to Keara, I smiled at her and looked her up and down. "Who's coming to visit you then Keara? Is your father coming to check up on his investment? Or maybe lover boy Marc?"

"Oh I'd love to meet Marc." Caleb mumbled.

"You'd like him to be here, wouldn't you May. You want to try and kiss him again?" She snarled, glaring at me.

"I heard from Chase that it was the other way round..." Caleb mused.

"I guess Marc didn't tell her." I sighed.

"That's tragic, maybe we should be practicing the worlds smallest violin instead of drums."

"Good idea!" I agreed. We both started to pretend that our drumsticks were the bows to the tiny violin.

"You are both creeps." Keara snapped, grabbing her bag and throwing it over her shoulder. "You're just jealous."

"Keara, you can do a lot better than Marc." I replied honestly, "You might be a bitch, but at least you're loyal. Marc's been messing around with tons of girls, and he's tried to mess around with me too."

She glared at me and scoffed, "Whatever." 

I watched as she stalked off in the opposite direction. Caleb looked at me curiously, "You were nice to her." He stated.

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