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Arriving at the bookstore within minutes thanks to Atesh's speed running, I pulled open the door only to be pushed out and into the arms of Atesh. He growled and held me tightly. I looked into the store window to see it filled with screaming women and even men as they tried to get past a barior.

"Come on, we'll go around back." I muttered before pulling out of his grasp and running around back. Using my key, I opened the door and ran straight for the office that overlooked the store.

"Oh Nivea your here, I need a woman's point of view on this commotion."Andrew, the boss, sighed motioning to the large window across the room.

"Wow, all of that commotion for a movie cast!?" I asked as I looked down at the packed store where the cast for a new werewolf movie that started as a book sat at a table in against the wall surrounded by screaming fans.

"They're not even real werewolf, so why do they act like such crazed animals over impostors?" Atesh mumbled appearing at my side.

"They are called actors and its a form of art, besides, I personally would just be Happy to get an autograph but I don't think I'd go crazy, their people just like me, only richer." I shrugged walking away from the window. "What do you want me to do about this?"

"Well I was hoping that you could get some order in the place, you have full run of the store, and if ou get everything under control, I'll promote out to manager." Andrew offered.

"You just don't want to go down there do you?" I asked skeptically

"You know me so well" He gave in and looked uneasy, "I don't like large crowds and especially of screaming women? I don't think so."

"You dare to send my woman to do you dirty work!?" Atesh growled.

"Yea, O.K, who are you again?" Andrew asked finally addressing Atesh.

"In human terms I am her Fi-" Atesh began

"Friend!" I jumped in, "Yup he's me good old buddy, very protective."

"Oh, well maybe he can help you too." Andrew said eyeing Atesh suspiciously. I nodded and set out to fix the problem.

"I am not your friend, I am your Fiance why wouldn't you want anyone to know that?" Atesh growled grabbing my arm, stopping me mid stride and turning me to face him.

"I didn't know that I really let you claim me, I thought it was a dream, that's why I let myself go, and are you simply forgetting that I am a human woman, My mind doesn't work the same way yours does." I explained agitation clear on my face.

"Well, I am a werewolf, and weather you dreamt it or not my biting you has claimed you. Our mating process is not yet finished but you are still claimed as mine, and the only way for other humans to know is by clearly telling them that I am your fiance, and that is also why I have this ring." Atesh's voice was low and demanding as he pulled out a thin silver chain from under his shirt that a small silver ring with blue and white stones hung from.

"How log have you had that?" I asked eyeing it suspiciously.

"Since I was about 13." He confessed.

"Hmm, nothing I can really say to that, soo, I'm gonna head off to work now." I said and quickly walked away from him.

"This is your, my mate, won't you wear it?" Atesh asked rushing to catch me again.

"Umm, nope." I looked around for a moment then answered popping the p in nope.

"You are my mate, this lets everyone know that-" I cut him off, annoyed.

"Know what Atesh, that I belong to someone, that I am owned, do you hear the way your making this sound?" I seethed. "You might as well say that I'm a lost dog that you found and decided to put a collar on so everyone knows that I'm not a stray!"

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