Chapter 15

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this is why I dislike relationship so much. I have to explain everything to her. No I don't cheat on her. Why would I cheat if she's all mine. She just didn't want to let me explain. When I see jenny I'll kill her for putting her lipstick stain on my neck.

"Having fight ?" Clara suddenly sat down beside me. I was just drinking some beer in the kitchen. I just nodded and gulped some more drink.

"This is why I hate relationship" Clara mumbled.

"Me too" I agreed on that one. "Still you want her" she rolled her eyes. "She is my angel. I love her. Next time I see Jenny. Remind me to kill her" I said to Clara.

She laughed.

"Woahhh that bitch left hickey on you, kells ? What a surprise !!!" She squealed.

This time I just rolled my eyes at her. "Well the last time I saw Jenny. She was fucking Travis in the backyard few nights ago" Clara said.

"That bitch" I mumbled.

"Kells what are you two doing here ?" Travis walked in to the kitchen. "It's called conversation" Clara answered. Travis look at her deeply. He didn't need to say anything cause his feeling all over the place and I knew it.

"Tonight turned out to be a very bad day huh ?" Travis asked teasingly.

"Yeah. Thanks to Jenny bitch, now my angel mad at me" I said sarcastically. "Really ?" Travis asked. I nodded and gulped some beer again.

"You better help him, Trav" Clara said. He look at her like she is just say something incredible. "You're calling me Trav ?" Travis asked nervously.

I really wanna laugh at them. I feel like third wheel here. "Yep that's your nickname. Trav. Now goodnight. I need some beauty sleep" Clara said and left.

"Trav ?" I teased.

Travis glaring at me. "That's nickname from her to me. Only her can call me that" Travis said.

"Yeah sure" I said carelessly.

"By the way I think I found something about Lenox's whereabouts" Travis said suddenly get in serious tone.

"Tell me" I said as I light my cigarette. Whenever I feel stress or tired I'll smoke some more to relief them.

"Do you by any chance know someone with the name Robin ?" Travis asked. My eyes widened at the mention of that name.



"Are you still mad ?" I asked my angel. She sat down in the dinning room eating her breakfast. This morning I tried to talk to her but she didn't even acknowledge me.

"Angel. Please let me explain. I dont want you to be mad at me" I pleading.

She just continue eating her food. "Woah what's this ? Holy shit its pancakes" suddenly Ace joined us in the dinning room.

"Shut up and eat somewhere not here" I snapped.

Ace rolled his eyes. "I didnt know you're having fight. Sorry boss" ace said after that. I only nodded. He scurried away with some pancakes on his plate. I guess he will eat somewhere like I told him.

"Now that we're alone. Are you ready to talk, love ?" I asked her sweetly. Hoping she would talk to me. But she didn't. She finished her pancakes then left.

My bloods boiled in anger. I am mad. Because that stupid bitch, my angel won't talk to me. Fuck that.

"Kells. Are you ready ?" Travis's voice suddenly filled the room. I just nodded.

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