Okay, so let me just inform you guys of a VERY IMPORTANT thing.

After this chapter, things are going to speed up a bit, story wise. I want to end this soon so I can begin on the sequel, so I'm gonna do a bunch of skipping around. But i'll let you know during every other chapter how far along Kelsey is in the pregnancy so you don't get confused.

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Kelsey’s POV:

          “Hey, Kelsey,” Harry cautiously spoke up, causing me to turn from the sink to face him. He was looking down at his phone, a confused look on his face.

          “What’s wrong?” I furrow my eyebrows, drying my hands on my pants.

          Harry looked at me, turning his phone to show me the screen. “Did you know about this?”

          I look at the screen to see some magazine site pulled up. Immediately, my eyes landed on the big, bolded words on the top. ONE DIRECTION’S ZAYN MALIK ENGAGEMENT TO LITTLE MIX’S PERRIE EDWARDS CONFIRMED!

          A gasp escaped my lips when I finished reading, not even reading the article. I looked at Harry, my eyes widening as I ask, “They’re engaged?!”

          Harry arms went in the air. “Apparently,” he exclaims, “hold on, I’ll call Zayn.”

          “Put him on speaker,” I say as Harry nods, dialing Zayn’s number and pressing the speaker button.

          “Hello?” Zayn’s voice asks moments later.

          “You proposed?” Harry and I both shouted into the phone simultaneously.

          Zayn’s deep chuckle rumbled through the speaker of the phone. “Yeah,” he says, “just yesterday.”

          My eyes widened even more as Harry grinned. “And how come none of us knew about it?”

          “I only told Louis,” Zayn says, and was it me, or did he sound nervous? “I needed his help with something, so I kind of just told him. I was about to tell the rest of you, but somehow the media found out before I could.”

          “It’s fine, mate,” Harry laughs, “I’m just really happy for you.”

          “Yeah,” I add on, “at least Harry and I wouldn’t be the only couple that’s married.”

          Zayn and Harry both laughed as Harry asks, “So when’s the wedding?”

          “In a couple of months,” Zayn says, “Perrie’s coming back home soon and we figured it’d be better to put everything together and wed after the tour ends.”

          “The tour ends in November,” Harry says, “so you’re getting married around, what? December? January?”

          “We’re not exactly sure yet,” Zayn replies.

          I smack Harry’s chest lightly. “The two just got engaged, Harry, let them enjoy that,” I say, causing Harry to chuckle.

          After we talk to Zayn a bit more, we then end the call and get back to what we were doing before. As I walk past the calendar, I realize something I had forgotten in the midst of this pregnancy excitement.

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