Chapter 7

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uploaded on 08-08-2016

Kate leaned over the side of her bed looking over at her sleeping son in the Moses basket. He eyes were closed as he slept.

She felt love for him expand in her chest. People always talked about a mothers love. She didn't understand the depth of that emotion till she had a baby of her own.

Kate couldn't help herself she trailed a finger down her sons cheek feeling the silky softness of his skin underneath her touch. She willed him to wake up but he slept on with his tummy full of milk.

She let out a sigh leaving him to his dreams turning to lay on her back on her bed. The doctor let her go home the day after the birth after showing no complications. Lucy appeared to be very excited at the new addition to the family. Calling it her very own little pack.

Kate fluffed up the pillows behind her back seeing the light threatening to come through the curtains showing the early morning sun.

She let out a sigh fluffing her pillows behind her back sitting up in the bed. Her mind drifted back to the night when she met Callum father. Seeing him in the forest she felt an instant connection to him. She let him take her virginity something that she was saving for a person who she would love unconditionally.

Her eyes roamed over her son taking in his features that looked like her and some that he gained from him such as his chin and his eyes.

Her lips lifted up in a smile listening to his soft snoring. He was so adorable. Focusing back to her child father Kate fingered the necklace that had the town logo. Her fingers twirled it around in a circle. She knew he was from this town. Even though they had one night together they now share a connection of a life time.

A knocked sounded on her door. Slipping out of bed pulling on her dressing gown in the process Kate opened the door putting her a finger over her lips in a quiet motion.

"Sh..." She told her sister who help out a steaming mug of hot chocolate to her. "I just managed to get him back to sleep."

Lindsey walked into the room rubbing her eyes. "I heard him all through the night. I forgot what it was like having a new-born in the house."

Kate yawned sitting on the edge of her bed taking a sip of the hot chocolate. "I know." She looked over to the basket where her sister was peeping at her son. "But he is worth it."

Her sister walked back over sitting next to her on the bed. "Are you going to search for his father?"

She nodded her head in answer. "I don't have his surname. I just have to be discreet to see if there is any men around his age with his name."

Lindsey blew on her drink the sweet aroma being smelt in the air. "That makes sense. Since you be working at the school you will have contact with a lot of people."

"Have you come to any decisions about what you want to do?" Kate asked her sister taking a large gulp of her drink. "I know it's a small town."

There was a moment silence when Callum made a noise as if he was about wake up for the sixth time that day and it was barely nine am. They both let out a sigh of relief.

"I was thinking of doing an online course." Lindsey said. "I can do it when you go back to work I can look after this little guy."

Kate pondered over her sister suggestion for a moment. "It does make sense for you to do that. I don't have the fees yet to pay for day care."

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