Chapter Thirty

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Chapter Thirty

Damon's P.O.V.

"What was that man?" he asked. I shook my head disgusted that he would even cheat on her. I certainly wasn't perfect, but I never cheated. I looked into his eyes.

"She doesn't know. When her phone went off, my roommate had it, they have the same kind. She still believes that you are a faithful loving guy who would never hurt you. You are about to crush her whole world.I thought I would warn you," I said hate lacing my voice. He ran his hand through his hair.

"Why does it matter to you?" he asked getting defensive.

'Because Mr.Player is in love with your girlfriend,' my inner voice chimed in the back of my head.

"Because she is close to me," I answered calmly.

"She's mine," he said. That made me angry.

"No. First of all, she isn't something that you can claim. Second of all, you lost that right the moment you stuck your tongue down someone else's throat," I pointed out as calmly as I could.

"I didn't see it," Violet said coming back into the room. I softened my expression.

"That's okay. I'm gonna grab some coffee and then I will come back," I informed her smiling as I walked out. I walked to the elevator going out to the parking lot finding my bike. I got on and drove to the coffee shop. I bought a black coffee and then got back on the bike after drinking it. I drove back and when I got there, I heard voices still, so I sat outside her room on the wall where she wouldn't see me.

I waited for the door to open and Ace to come out. He saw me and walked over. His face was tear stained and his eyes were red.

"Why are you here?" he asked. I stood up and looked at him closely.

"I'm here to pick up the pieces," I said. I walked up to the door and knocked lightly after Ace walked away. She mumbled a 'it's open' and I came in. She wasn't crying, but she had a storm in her eyes. She was laying back on her bed but looked over to me when she heard the door.

"You knew," she stated. I nodded and sat on the end of the bed.

"I know that I should be mad, but I'm not. He told me when it happened. Plus, he didn't kiss back," she stated. I scoffed but she was unfazed.

"He still cheated," I pointed out and she nodded.

"You're staying with him?" I asked angry. She nodded.

"I love him. Plus, after hearing the situation, it doesn't seem to be his fault," she said finally looking away from the ceiling and into my eyes. I nodded and pulled her into my arms. It wasn't my decision to make.

"Okay," I stated as calmly as I could. She stayed there in my arms no crying, no talking, just there. It felt right to me, and I knew that she was comfortable when she drifted off and her arms went limp. I smiled and slowly moved her off of me. I went out of the room and down to the lobby where Ace was dwelling. He looked up when he saw me.

"She's in love with you," I stated.

"You're in love with her," he responded. I was shocked and still.

"I was a player once, fell for the same girl. Now here we are. I've worn that look enough to know it," he explained. I was shocked still.

"What are you going to do?" I asked. He shook his head.

"I'm never letting her go. She said that she loved me, and after calling Kyle to confirm my story, she knew that I didn't do anything," he said.

"You did do something, but it was out of context," I replied.

"Can I ask you something?" he asked. I nodded. He pulled something out of his pocket and I couldn't tell what it was.

"I got this for her last week. I couldn't find a good time, and now this," he said while opening a ring box that held a diamond ring. It was awesome, but if this was going where I thought it was, I didn't know I liked it.

"Is that what I think it is?" I asked.

"I was going to propose, but I don't know what she will say now," he said. I shook my head.

"My honest opinion, wait. She seems like the type of girl who wants to have it all together. Wait till she seems settled and happy," I said honestly. I knew that he was serious about her but wow.

He nodded and we both walked over to the elevator. It went up to her floor and we stepped out. I took the first steps to the dorm before I saw Violet being dragged around the corner of the other side of the hall. My eyes widened and I went to take a step forward when I was stopped by a guy. He was unfamiliar to me, but Ace seemed to respond. The guy leaned in to Ace.

"Looks like this is my revenge for the alleyway," he whispered loud enough for me to hear it. Ace threw a punch and the guy was down. He tried to get back up, but he punched him again. The guy wasn't unconscious, but didn't dare to stand. We ran down to the lobby not waiting for the elevator, but by the time we got there, they were leaving. Ace and I jumped on our bikes and took off after them.

"About half way there, I lost Ace, but I was going strong and didn't plan on stopping. When they finally stopped, I made sure to not let them see me or my bike. They threw her inside a building that looked like and old dance studio. A guy walked around with a gas can around the building and just as I stood, a hand met my shoulder.

I turned around to see someone unfamiliar. He dragged me to the building and I saw Violet's face. Still no tears. Her eyes were filled with hope, regret, fear, and worry, but no tears. She looked around, surely for a way out, but she was unsuccessful. Her eyes locked with mine for a moment and more hope glossed over her eyes. The guy lit the match and the building went up in flames. I ripped away from the guy behind me and threw him to the ground. I tried to run into the building, but the guy with the gasoline grabbed me.

"It's too late," he whispered. I punched him and ran inside. The wooden support beams were falling and the smoke fogged over everything. When I reached Violet, she was unconscious. I pulled her up into my arms and carried her out. I called 911.

"There's a fire. I don't know where I am. GPS track it please now," that was all I got out before I fell into darkness.

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