"You are crazy!" I laughed hysterically. My eyes watered from the lack of shame as Thalia showed the group how to attempt a good lap dance. Highlight the word 'attempt'. Jack Harrold and Trevor Blue were perched up in the couch, while Jesse and I mindlessly sitting on the floor as we all watched Thalia shamelessly danced on top of Enrico. He was laughing really hard, even though his face was as red as a tomato.

Everyone hollered like the professional that they were. I couldn't content myself from these whole situation.

We were all staying at Thalia and I's apartment on a Friday night to celebrate the continuous of my education and my last time working at Grandeur.

All week Thalia had been planning this for me. Now that it was the last day of the work week I couldn't help but felt happy and sad at the same time.

At first it was just Thalia, Enrico, Jesse and I. When I decided to called Jack and asked him if he would like to come over. Of course without question Enrico invited Trevor as well, wanted to introduced me to his close friend. I was happy for the company, and I could tell Jesse tried to be civil even though once in a while I saw him clenched his jaw whenever Trevor made a conversation with me. Tonight was for me, so I decided to bothered him later for it.

Jack apparently was leaving in two days to England for a couple of years, to settle his business there. I was happy that I decided to invited him or I would have lost him for God knows for how long. He, though, insisted that he would have bade me farewell before leaving even if I didn't invite him today. He was just a sweetheart. Like Trevor who seems lively today, he didn't mind Jesse and was treating me like the true gentlemen that he was.

Looking at the room I couldn't believe the people that were there for me. And to realized that they were some damn influential people, I was a bit worried if the tabloid published about how I was such a gold digger for hanging out with such crew. Deciding not to fuss over it, I zoomed in again on some of the clumsy moves Thalia was displaying.

I chuckled when Enrico was gripping Thalia's waist, making her flustered.

We all tribute Enrico to be Thalia's 'lap dance' experimental because he was the only one who didn't mind and frankly single. Trevor said that he was not in a commitment but he said that wouldn't be able to keep a straight face and go through with it.

"She should never work in this department," Jack whispered down to me as I stifled a cackle.

"Okay I'm done," said Thalia exhaustedly, she unwrapped herself from Enrico and went to get herself a drink.

"I'm so good," we all heard her mutters under hear breath. She was something.

Enrico groaned and told us that he needed to use the bathroom. For some reason we didn't want to ask why and continued to crackled for a while until my best friend returned with two bottles of wine.

"Time to drink!" She hollered. I saw Trevor grinned, at the same time Jack was already approaching her In a happy dance, "Yeah girl!"

I saw Jesse rolled his eyes, but his frown quickly turned into a slight smile.

"What happened to Enrico?" She asked, while settling down some glasses on the living room. Trevor mindlessly moved to the DVD player and inserted a movie we agreed on earlier.

"I guess your lap dance was quite affective," Jack stated. She blushed and looked down as she poured the expensive wine for each of us.

Jesse had pulled me into his lap, not letting me go as I leaned on his nice warm chest.

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