Chapter Twenty Nine

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Chapter Twenty Nine

Violet's P.O.V.

I looked over at it and tilted my head to the side. He walked over to the door and I expected it to be a trick and there to be nothing there. Ace opened the door and there was Kyle. I hadn't seen him since he left for vacation. He came inside and sat next to me putting his arm around my shoulder. It made me uncomfortable, so I shrugged it off. Ace finally came over and sat on the other side of me. There was an awkward silence and I somehow felt like the third wheel. I leaned over to Ace to let him know that I was leaving.

"I'm going out to get some coffee. I'll see you two later," I whispered. I stood up and left the room looking back at Ace before closing the door.

I walked down to the elevator and down to the lobby. I checked out and walked out to the parking lot. I got in my car and thought about where I could get coffee at eleven forty five at night. I sighed and started the engine going back to Damon's dorm.

When I got to his door, I knocked and waited for him to answer. When the door opened, another boy answered and he looked at me.

"I'm Violet. I came to see Damon," I stated. He opened the door wider stepping out of the way.

"I'm Jackson, but you can call me Jack. Any friend of Damon's of a friend of mine," he stated with a friendly smile on his lips. I smiled and came in looking around spotting Damon come out of the bathroom. He was shocked to see me, but it looked like he had sobered up so that was good. I smiled and waved at him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I couldn't exactly be in my dorm," I stated and he nodded. Their dorm was bigger than mine, so that was cool. They had their beds along with a love seat which me and Damon sat on while Jack sat on his bed. Damon turned on the T.V. and clicked on DeadMan Wonderland.

"Are you okay with watching anime?" he asked. I burst out laughing and looked up at him.

"More than okay. I absolutely love anime manga light novels and all that," I responded and he nodded.

"Good to know," he said.

A little bit into the episode, and the words were beginning mush together into incoherent sentences and the soon after, I was asleep. I woke up to voices talking that I soon registered to be Damon and Jack.

"You can't just go through her phone dude!" Damon whisper yelled.

"I thought it was mine. We have the same model," Jack argued. Damon ran his hand through his hair and set my phone back on the nightstand.

"She isn't going to be happy when she wakes up," he mumbled.

"Why not?" I asked groggily sitting up and rubbing my eyes. His eyes widened and he walked over to me.

"No reason," he answered. I nodded being too tired to comprehend anything.

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