The connection, comfort and cuddles

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"Hey are you okay?"

Camila raises her head at the sound of the raspy voice, She meets the prettiest emerald eyes she had even seen.

'Just nod camie, she no care'. With a slight sniffle, Camila nods her head and snuggles back into mono. The pacifier bobbing between her trembling lips.

Lauren looked down at the girl, her heart hurt at the sight of "pretty chocolate eyes"- or so that's what she had called the girl in her head.

Of course Lauren had noticed the pacifier and monkey the girl had in her possession. But she had read up on this before ; she was scrolling through tumblr one night, when she saw it. So she knew what the pretty chocolate eyed girl was. She was a little.

Breaking out of her trance, Lauren crouched down so she's at Camila's level.

"I'm not gonna hurt you little one. My name is Lauren, what is your name?" Lauren hoped that by talking to her like a little, she might cooperate. It did give her nervous yet happy butterflies talking to the girl like this.

Camila wasn't gonna lie, she liked that the strange pretty girl with the emerald eyes had called her little one.

Not moving from her position, she mumbles softly "m-my big name Ca-Camila. But me name Camie" she hiccup.

"Awe, well nice to meet you Camie, you have the prettiest brown eyes. They remind me of chocolate" Lauren replied, giving Camila a gentle smile

Camila's face heats up at the compliment and she snuggles Mono closer to her.

"Dank woo" she says, finally looking back up at Lauren. The pacifier now between her fingers, as she nervously toys with it.

Lauren smiled at the adorableness the girl was displaying. Her smile faltered a little though, when she realised where they were- where they still were.

"Where's your family Camie? Are you lost?" She wearily asked.

Camila stiffened up. In this short moment, she had forgotten where she was and how she ended up here. Her eyes began to water again, tears threatened to spill.

"I-I-I r-ran away, the ba-bad man hu-hurt me, Camie no like it. Camie had enough" she says, as a few tears fall down her rosy cheeks.

"What about your family, little one? The people who love you, wouldn't they be worried?" Lauren says as she reaches up to Camila's face and wipes away her tears.

"Me no have a family. No one want me" she chokes out the last part, as she starts sobbing into Mono again.

Hearing her say that, Lauren's heart breaks a little more, how could someone not want such a wonderful girl, and furthermore hurt her.

Cautiously, Lauren sits down and scoots closer to Camila. Immediately, Lauren tugs on the girls sleeve to cuddle and comfort the distressed girl.

Feeling a tug on her arm, Camila feels a cuddly and fuzzy warmth cover her body.

'She cuddling me' she thinks. Camila snakes her arms around Lauren's neck and snuggles into her.

Lauren rubs her back as she comforts Camila. She couldn't help but feel sad for the girl. Thinking about how she has no family, no home. How could she possibly survive.

That's when Lauren thought of something, butterflies started in her tummy at the thought. 'But what if she doesn't want to, she just met you. Oh well couldn't hurt to ask right?'  She thought.

With Lauren cuddling her and giving her back rubs, Camila had flutterflies in her tummy.
So dis wat it feels like to be wanted' . She smiles and snuggles into Lauren even more, until she hears the girl clear her throat. Camila unhooked her arms and looks Lauren in her eyes.

"Uhm... Camie since you don't have any family or any place to stay... D-do y-you" damn why was she so nervous "do you want to come live with me? And... And I can look after you when you're feeling little?. I know we just met, so you can totally so no if you want" Lauren asked, nervously chewing on her bottom lip.

Camila couldn't believe her ears, did Lauren just ask if she could live with her?. And look after her when she feel little?

"Waa bout your fam-family?" She didn't want to intrude, no matter how happy she would be  if she said yes.

"I live by myself, my parents died when I was 10 years old and they left everything to me in their will" Lauren smiled sadly at the mention of her parents.

"They owned Jauregui corporations, so... So I have more than enough money to provide and look after you... If you wanted. And to be honest it gets really lonely by myself" she finishes, rubbing the back of her head.

'I hope she says yes' Lauren thought.

Camila was in complete shock, not only is Lauren pretty. But she is kind and.. and she wants Camie to stay with her. Someone wants Camie. Tears spill down her cheeks as she's overwhelmed by happiness. She throws her arms back around Lauren.

"Yes.... Yes pwease... Camie wants stay wif LoLo" she says as she cries happy tears.

Lauren's heart flutters at the nickname 'LoLo' she smiles the brightest smile ever. Camila wants to live with her. Hearing her say those words, she carefully stands while holding onto Camila.

"Come on then little one, let's go home" Lauren says as she begins the small walk back to hers and now Camila's house. Her tummy did flips. 'Mine and Camila's house'

It was in this moment, that Lauren and Camila realise they both have got what they've always longed for.

Lauren has a purpose now, she has Camila to look after. She's important to Camila, and overall Camila needs her.

And Camila. Camila never thought she'd feel so happy. Not only does she feel safe, but she's wanted. Lauren wants to take of her. Lauren wants her.

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