a little weird

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Mia's pov
I was drinking some apple juice from auggie "so wait you named me so what's your name ?" Josh asked "I'm Amelia Martins Josh and looks like your way cooler than shawn " I said and smirked "yo Shawn he's cooler than leather jackets jeans and your bad boy vibe right next to your so called amazing hair " I told him "hey" he said

Time skip

"Aaacchh" Shawn snored "yip yip yip yip yip " Cory snored then riles went up to them "why won't you talk to me!" She demanded "what do you mean I'm talking to you right now" he asked clueless "when's my birthday?" She asked they argued until I got an idea "Shawn ,Riley,and Maya follow now" I said and took them to topy's short for Topanga's she told me the address and what it was like we went in the car and drove there

Time skip

"That still doesn't save you " Maya said they just argued a little I looked at the situation then I had to move Riley had to switch seats "look at me" Riley said in a deep voice I smiled "what ?" Riley asked "your Cory with Topanga's hair you got lucky " Shawn said "look at that shawnie " I said and smiled at her Riley asked if she can say something scary "Everytime you look at me it reminds you of what you don't have " Riley said "check!?" Me and Shawn said together while looking at each other I looked at them they had smiles I knew what they were thinking alright

Time skip

We walked through the house "you" Riley said pointing at cor "me" he said "bay window now!" Riley demanded "Riley you don't demand a grown man " he said I grabbed shawn's shirt then shot both of them a death glare "okay" they said with fear in there voice "you need to teach me that " Maya said and smiled a toothy grin "totally will Hun " I said "I love your aunt " Maya said and smiled again then she went by the bay window 's window she sat on the stairs since Riley asked her then we walked in "hey if your trying to fix Me and Cory were fine " Shawn said we smiled at each other "hey I know when I'm in the middle of someone's scheme little girl" he said "we used to be the king of schemes " Cory said they sat down "used to "Shawn said  "uh huh " I said "I'm looking for a much bigger prize" Riley said and left me in the room "cor don't take this the other way but your bird is strange " Shawn said they talked more solving the scheme we put up then the window opened we saw a red headed kid wait a minute Minkus no.2 no way "minkus !?" I said "older lady then me " he said "wait cor is that minkus" he said astonished "yup I'm the sun of Stuart minkus " he said "minkus reproduced" Shawn said "yeah what do you think he got cloned in a lab" Cory said laughing "uh stupid look and um did you ever see your birth certificate kid your father is a genius he has a company for God's sake!?" I said "I'll be right back " he said

Time skip the talking

"I have one more thing though uncle Shawn you need to talk to Mia" Riley said I looked at her astonished "hunter you still play basketball?" I asked and smiled "of course I do it reminds me of you remember " he said Riley and Maya grabbed our hands and lead us to the bay window "M-Mia you know I still love you "he said "Shawn how why didn't you move one from me?"I asked wanting to cry "because your different Amelia you y-you I never ever wanted to move on from I did with other girls but didn't with you " he stuttered he cupped my face and I did too "okay "I said and a tear went down my eye he wiped it away then the door opened and revealed josh "ready to open presents yeah yeah a wink " Josh sang "oh yeah your cooler than Shawn kid he's my new 2nd favorite next to topy" I said "hey what about me?" Shawn whined "your I don't know Shawn but c'mon " I said I got up and went to the tree "this is gonna be good" I said 

Time skip

"One more " I said "what is it Mia?" Shawn asked "this one goes to shawnie" I said I passed him a big box with a surprise in it he held out a basketball "no way it's the ball Eric threw hit my nose and you kissed me " Shawn said and winked "hey-" Josh cut me off "kiss can we have the details on the kiss" Josh smirked everyone looked at me and Shawn "well me,Eric,Cory,and mr.Matthews were playing basket ball one night we were all outside Shawn grabbed my waist I called him an idiot then punched his arm I asked any one else want one and Eric replied with a basketball flying my way I ducked and it hit shawn's nose and was about to punch Eric's then I told him not to and he made a deal I had to kiss him on the lips and I did " I said "then she had to fix my nose we went to our hang out the tree house and we found Eric and cory there " Shawn said "aaaannnndd " everyone said "Cory thought we were making out I said I wish but she was fixing my nose there" I said and blushed "can I see that ?" I asked Shawn and he gave me the ball "I'll never forget that "I said and smiled

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