Into the Chamber.

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Nymphadora woke up in the morning thoroughly refreshed and ready to take on the world. Until she remembered what happened the night before. 

She always had a small childlike crush on Harry but then he was a small, 12 year old Harry but now he was freaking super Potter, chaser extraordinaire, Quidditch prodigy and English hero(also super hot but she wouldnt admit that out loud). Moody was quite the fan of the sport, so she would often find herself listening to Quidditch talk-shows held over the Wizarding Wireless Network, ones that would often talk about Harry and his supposed skills after being signed on by the English national team of all things!

Imagine her surprise when they started singing his praises and claiming the cup as theirs after only one game? Granted, it was a game that practically guaranteed them a spot in the next round, but what surprised her was when they started saying that his tactical mind, superior flying skills, numerous assists and excellent goal scoring capabilities made him one of the best chasers in the world!

He was still only fourteen!

It wasn't all that unrealistic, after all, the Bulgarians had a seeker that was around the same age who was heralded as the best in the world too. . .

. . . But this was Harry! Not Victor-bloody-Krum!

Realizing how stupid her argument sounded, she just steeled herself and knocked three times on the door she knew lead to Harry's room because she had to talk to him.

"Come in" she heard him call, though his voice sounded a little strained.

Curious as to why his voice sounded so strenuous, she slowly turned the old fashioned door handle and entered slowly, only for her jaw to literally hit the floor when she saw what was within.

She may have been in his room in the past, she couldn't really remember, but she knew for a fact that even if she did, it certainly didn't look like this. Being a modern girl, she was firmly entrenched in her beliefs that boys, especially the younger ones, had no sense of fashion, taste or style. She had to reassess those beliefs when she constantly saw the way Harry dressed, it was obvious he knew what he was doing and took great care in doing it – but this was a little overboard.

Harry's room looked more like a small apartment now with thirteen foot ceilings, instead of a regular teenage boy's messy bedroom. There was no way a room this size could fit in the small space in which it had been originally built, so he must have charmed it to be this large; she would have immediately thought Remus did this for him, if it had been anyone else, but this was Harry she was talking about.

It wasn't the size that impressed her though, anyone who knew how to could increase the size of a bedroom, it wasn't hard; it was the way in which he decorated his room. Tonks literally felt like she walked through a door at Moony Nights and stepped out of one into Buckingham Palace.

A dark, hard wood floor covered in an elaborate rug and Victorian style tables and chairs spread out around a miraculous fireplace is what initially caught her eye. The table had a few open books strewn on it, one of which looked to be locked with an emblem of a snake, but it was clear he used this room to simply relax by the fire when he wanted to read. The room had two doors, one leading to the right and the other to the left, with the fireplace being directly in front of her.

Not knowing where Harry was, she randomly decided to go right and through the hard, mahogany door to see if he was in there, only to gasp when she saw what was inside. A desk made out of the same wood the doors and furniture were was at the head of the long, and somewhat narrow room, with chairs on either side of it. The desk itself was placed in a way that the user of it would have their back facing an enchanted window – she thought enchanted because she hardly doubted Harry could get a room in Moony Nights with a view of a huge mountain range surrounding a dark and beautiful forest. The part of the room which definitely let her know that it was Harry's though was that practically the entire left wall was one large bookshelf, the only thing stopping the whole wall from being one were rather large columns rising from the floor to the ceiling every two meters, each with a lamp on them.

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