Preference #5: Your Best Friend

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Scott - Derek. Believe it or not you and sour wolf here actually get along extremely well. You and Derek both have had your fair share of break ups and family issues. You're the only person Derek shows his soft side to and Derek doesn't mind you tagging along when him and the boys do werewolf stuff. He, like Scott, likes to keep you safe and happy. You and Derek have had plenty of deep and meaningful conversations. Like Scott, you can tell Derek anything even your deepest, darkest secret and he won't tell a soul.

Isaac -  Scott. Scott has been there for you though everything since you two were little. You love Scott and you love Isaac, but the thing you love the most about both of them is the fact that they get along and are best friends themselves. You love Isaac to no end but every now and then you just need to be away from him and the only person you want to be with during those times would be Scott. Some times Isaac gets a little jealous of how much time you spend with Scott and how close you two are, but you always reassure him that you love him and would never dream of leaving him.

Stiles - Jackson. Believe it or not your best friend is none other than Mr. Popular himself, Jackson. You and Jackson clicked the first time you met each other way back in freshman year when you moved to Beacon Hills. Sure Jackson can be a jerk and rude but you have learned to look past all that. What makes you and Jackson get along so well is that you both live similar lives. You completely understand what he goes through everyday and you also learned that Jackson does have a soft side (that he only shows you). Since you and Jackson are best friends you always look out for each other. Yes Jackson doesn't really like Stiles but he puts up with him for you.

Jackson - Isaac. The thing that made you and Isaac become best friends is the fact that you stand up for him, even to your boyfriend. One day you happend to see Isaac getting abused by his dad and you absolutely hate people who do that to others so you took it upon yourself to defend Isaac. Every since that day Isaac goes to you for everything and you let him crash at you place when needs to. Jackson doesn't fully understand why you care about Isaac as much as you do. You always look for Isaac and he does the same for you. Of course Jackson hates sharing you with Isaac but he lets you have time for Isaac.

Derek - Stiles. As much as you love Derek sometimes you just need a break from Mr. Sourwolf and who better to turn to than your hilarious best friend Stiles. Stiles has been your best friend since the both of you were in diapers. You both know each other like an open book and have been there for each other through thick and thin. You absolutely love hanging out with Stiles because he knows how to make anything funny especially with his sacastic remarks and "threats" he makes from time to time.

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