Adventure time facts

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1. You can hear keyboard typing in the theme song

2. The show wants everyone on 'The Office' to guest star

3. Jeremy Shada replaced his brother as the voice of Finn

4. In the "Mystery Dungeon" episode, it is revealed that, when Lemongrab is squeezed, lemon juice comes out of him.

5. Jake's arm and Princess Bubblegum's hand kiss in the episode, 'A Glitch Is A Glitch'

6. 'A Glitch is a Glitch' is the first Adventure Time episode to be released on April Fool's Day

7. Princess Bubblegum uses 'candy life' to bring all the candies to life

8. The Cosmic Owl appears in Finn's dreams and its design was actually based on the reflection of light off a urinal at Cartoon Network Studios

9. Jake looks like he's not wearing any clothes all the time, but he actually wears transparent pants spun from spider webs by pixels

10. Slime Princess is Pendleton Ward's favourite princess because she has a 'hot lady voice'


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