C.1- He's Married!

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[I really don't care if this is good or not. I just wanted to make it for fun, btw, the video up there, is part of the story, I recommend watching it before reading this, but whatever!]

[Greg's\Onision P.O.V]

I just finished uploading another video on cutting my damn hair again, I was really joking around, most people think I did have a Mental breakdown! Other comments know that it's a stupid joke, like always! How am I suppose to deal with my own subscribers if half of them hate me and half of them knows that I'm joking around! It's always get's on my nerve that they don't understand what a joke is!

[3rd person P.O.V]

Leafy sat at his desk, just looking through his Twitter.....

[Calvin\Leafy's P.O.V]

Nothing is going on much on Twitter , I might as well just go on YouTube, ................ Let's see, Who should we look at? Keemstar? Stomedy? Wait......

[3rd person P.O.V]

Leafy then spotted a video on Onisions channel.

[Leafys P.O.V]


Leafy then watch the video..... He then smirked at how said that he used his name to get views..... But then... He got to the part when he started talking about how Leafy Gets 5million views off of every video. Leafy stopped smirking.... He then just turned off his computer....

[Leafys P.O.V]

WTH, I don't get 5 million views, I get at least up to......... Nope! I get 5 million views! But still, why is he still fighting back? Wait......

Leafy then remembers that in the beginning of the Onision Rant video, he exactly said ...... That this dude might have a crush on me!

[Leafys P.O.V]

wait.... What am I thinking?! Onion Boy doesn't like me, besides, he's married! And.... I'm not even with a girl......

(I just wanna say, that, I'm gonna put the onision rant video up on the next chapter, and I know nothing good really happened, so, I'm gonna make it abit more fangirling in chapter 2 so, stay tuned.....)

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