Chapter eighteen

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I was in the kitchen watching the twins try and cook breakfast. The bacon was on high and already slightly burned. Every time I try and help them they just push me back on the stool. It was sweet that they were trying but there was no way in hell I was eating those so called eggs. I still want to know what they did to make them purple.

The French toast was black on half and soggy on the other side. I knew if I took one bite I would kneel over and die or at very least not leave the bathroom for a week. I looked down at the bacon and wondered once again how they got eggs shells in them.

The boys finished their version of cooking and dropped it on the counter in front of me with big happy smiles on each of their faces. I stared at the food in fear and wondered if there was any possible way to not eat this without hurting their feelings.

I looked up from the plate of instant death and saw the boys looking at me in question. They started to frown when I didn’t take a bite. I let out a long sigh and picked up the only thing I thought was edible my fork. I scooped up a bite of the purple chunked of what I think were meant to be scrambled eggs and slowly lifted it to my mouth.

It was an inch away when Hunter walked in to the room. I stopped the forks progress as he screamed “What the hell is that shit?” The boys turned towards him and looked at him in question.

“What shit?” Chance asked after looking around the kitchen for a sign of danger. Chase looked just as confused. I on the other hand knew exactly what he was going to say.

“The crap Grey’s about to eat, it looks like shit.” Chance and Chase look at the food in question and frown.

“What’s wrong with it?” Chase asked.

“What the hell is it supposed to be?” Hunter countered.

“Eggs dumb ass.” The twins defended their cooking.

“Since when are eggs purple?” Hunter growled as he grabbed the carton of orange juice from the fridge and drank straight from the carton. It looks like I have to buy more juice.

Drake walked in to the room wearing his boxers and some sexy bed head. “What the hell are you idiots arguing at now?” I watched as he ripped the juice from Hunt and chugged the rest, he threw the empty box over his shoulder and it landed in the garbage effortlessly. I have to give him props because he hadn’t even looked where he was throwing it.

“Hunters being a dick.” Chase growled threateningly at Drake most likely about being called an idiot.

“He says our foods bad.”  Chance still hadn’t stopped glaring at Hunter even when he was talking.

“We just made food for Grey.” The boys said in unison.

“Yeah food to kill her.” Hunter muttered under his breath yet we could all hear him. Drake turned to look at the food in front of me and rushed over.

The growl that ripped from his chest was loud. “Are you trying to kill her?” He snarled.

“Told you.” I wonder if Hunter was trying to get a fist in the face by the twins; I guess I should say to hits to the face. Those boys are vicious.

“Grey likes it.” I tried to smile at Chase but it came out more like a grimace. I stayed quite trying to keep myself out of it.

“You could have made her sick!” Drake was standing in front of me looking worried. “Baby Grey you didn’t eat any did you?” Drake was checking my forehead for a fever. The twins were looking devastated; they had put a lot of work in to breakfast.

“I haven’t eaten any.” I told Drake in a whisper hoping that the others have somehow become deaf in the last five seconds.

“You don’t like it?” The twins asked. They wore identical looks of horror and I knew I needed to lie.

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