Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

"Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be."

Joshua sang along to the song, playing softly from the stereo on the nightstand. I smiled, curling into him as his finger aimlessly traced a circle on my shoulder. Despite our clothes being scattered on the ground (because who doesn't scatter their clothes where they' know), we were warmed enough by the blanket thrown hastily over us. I ran my hand down Joshua's chest, dipping my finger into his navel. 

"I love you." I told Joshua, placing a kiss on his chest.

Joshua kissed the top of my head, his hand sliding to the curve of my waist. I shivered excitedly. I ignored my phone, which has been going off with texts for an hour. Probably Amber of Amy wondering where I am. I'll have to think of some lie. It's not like I can declare to everyone that I slept with Joshua McGallen. Not that I haven't already done it before, as far as sleeping with him goes. As he stroked the curve of my hip, I remembered the first time we ever slept together. In Buckingham Palace. It felt like years ago, when in reality it wasn't much more than one year in the past. 

"I'm sorry, Ember, but I'm not telling you what's bothering me."

I froze, sitting up slightly to look into his face. His perfect lips twisted into a slight smirk. The blanket started slipping from my chest, but I caught it and pulled it back up. His eyes lingered down for a moment before he brought them back up. I was too shocked to smile.

"How'd you-"

"Come on, babe. How long have we been dating?" 

I sighed, smiling and resting my head on his chest again. He chuckled, making his bare chest shudder. He really was gorgeous. I've probably said that about a million times, but it still doesn't seem real how I get this perfect guy. Joshua is amazing. Period. 

"Fine, you caught me. Joshua, I need you to tell me. What if I can help?"

Joshua shook his head, tracing circles on my lower back. 

"No, Ember, it's not something you can-"

Suddenly, there was a loud bang in the room next door. I jumped, despite my spy training. Joshua shifted to look at the wall, his grasp on me tightening protectively. I tuned out the speaker, still playing softly, and strained to hear the foreign words in the other room. They were Spanish.

"Where is he? Where is Joshua McGallen?" I translated in my head.

I gasped, shooting up and wrapping the sheet around me. Joshua raised an eyebrow at me as I gathered out clothes and threw his at him. He caught them easily. 

"Ember, wha-"

"Get dressed. Now. Those guys are looking for you. We're going to climb through the window."

Joshua's eyes went wide, but he nodded and dressed quickly. I hastily buckled my jeans as he grabbed our phones and jackets and whatever else we'd brought with us. Our shopping bags will have to stay, unfortunately. Dammit, I was really looking forward to using my new jacket. I ran over to the window and attempted to unlock it. The lock was stuck. I swore loudly as they pounded on our door. I did the last thing I could do. I kicked the window, broken glass showering over the floor. Sorry. Joshua went before me, staring at the ground.

"How the hell am I supposed to do this?!" he yelled as he looked down seventeen stories at the streets below. 

Below us, Boston was it's usual busy hustle. I sighed, instructing him what to do. The next building over isn't that far away, a close enough that I can- Suddenly, the sound of splintering wood broke my thought process and the door broke open. Out of a spur of the moment decision, I grabbed Joshua firmly and jumped. He yelled as we fell. I willed my wings to come, and they did. We soared upwards and upwards, away from the hotel. My heart was still pounding. I held onto Joshua tightly. That was far too close.

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