Chapter Thirteen - We're So Complicated

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"Percy, I can't."

Annabeth pulled away from Percy, eyes brimming with even more tears. This was wrong. It was so, so, wrong.

"You're dating Rachel."

"But I love you."

"I thought you loved Rachel."

"But I love you more."

Annabeth pulled herself out of his arms, backing away from Percy. She would admit, she did feel something for him after that kiss, but it was too muddled up in her brain for her to comprehend what exactly she felt for him.

"I'll break up with her for you."

"No! You can't do that, Percy. She's my friend too, and as her friend, I won't let you hurt her."

"Annabeth, I'd do anything to be with you."

"But you can't. You're with Rachel."

"Who cares about Rachel?"

"I do," Annabeth said. "And I will not stand to see you break her heart for me! Me! What potential do you see in me?"

"You're so pretty," Percy said. "Your eyes whisper to the heavens. And your voice is beautiful. I want you to sing to me every day."

"I can sing to you every day," Annabeth said. "I'm your best friend."

"I want to wake up beside you. I love you, Annabeth Chase. It's taking me a while to realise, but ever since we staged the dating scene, I've felt so much for you."

"This isn't you, Percy." Annabeth insisted. "This isn't the Percy I know; this isn't the kind boy who would risk everything for his friends. This isn't the boy who was my friend."

"Love can change a person."

"Well, I don't care!" Annabeth cried. "Percy, we've been over this: You're dating Rachel and you love her, not me!"

With that, she stormed away from Percy, leaving him standing behind her staring at her retreating form.


Rachel and Annabeth were perched on a couch in Annabeth's apartment, sipping on coffee and discussing the breakup note and flowers Rachel had received earlier.

"I hate him so much." Annabeth cursed. "First he tries to get with me, but now he's breaking up with you do so."

"Will you go out with him?" Rachel sniffed.

"Of course not." Annabeth scowled. "He broke your heart. I won't do that to you."

"No, please don't let me get in the way of your relationships." Rachel's eyes widened. "If you love someone, don't let anything get in the way of that."

"But I loved Luke," Annabeth said, looking down sadly. "And look where that got me. I don't know what I felt for Percy. Maybe it was an attraction, maybe love. But I know one thing: I won't ever go out with him unless he makes it up to me."

Rachel gave Annabeth a small smile before her eyes watered again and Annabeth gave her a quick hug. "But you two would be so good together." Rachel sniffed. "I want you to be happy. Don't let me get in the way of you and him."

"Do you want to go do something to get your mind off him?" Annabeth suggested. "He isn't worth it, Rach. Remember that."

Do you guys feel sorry for Rachel?

She literally got dumped by the guy she liked because he liked her best friend. If I were her I'd be a little bit pissed.

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