XXIV- Chosen One

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There were two endings, but one of them was really sad and the other one was really anticlimactic, so I've decided to have a nice conclusion to this story. 😉



Ahsoka landed the ship onto one of the Jedi Temple's few landing pads, only to see a swarm of people, who she guessed took refuge in the sacred building during the so-called 'armageddon'. She couldn't describe the feeling of relief when the burning fire surrounding the planet disintegrated.

She past through the crowds with damp cheeks—not from crying of distress like she was before, but when she truly noticed that everyone was completely fine on Coruscant—a little shocked and startled, but fine.

Media reporters were all ready filming and interviewing, talking through their own personal experience of the event for all the galaxy to know. Normally she hated when Jedi/Force related subjects got leaked onto the HoloNet, though if Ahsoka was honest with herself this time, she didn't really care what got leaked, as long as everyone was safe. There was a brief moment in the spaceship were she was utterly convinced everyone on the surface would die, along with the planet's existence. She dreaded the thought of a world without the galaxy's capital.

"Ahsoka," she heard the voice of Master Kenobi from behind throughout the noisy crowd. The girl turned her head around to meet his tense expression—which most of the people showed, as well.

Ahsoka just smiled at the sight of seeing her friend. "Thank the Force, you're okay." She walked up to him. He had a small smile appearing on his lips, though Ahsoka could sense something was troubling the older Jedi. "...Is something wrong?" She asked after a bit of hesitation.

"No, everything's fine. Everything is quite alright now," he said.

Ahsoka nodded and then asked something she doubted he had the answer to. "Do you know what that barrier was that tried to destroy the planet?"

Obi-Wan shook his head. "No, but someone powerful enough to do so."

Ahsoka furrowed her eye markings in confusion. She didn't understand—if whoever was powerful enough, why did they just halt there attack? "So... Why did it just disappear?"

"Is that what you saw from space—the flames just disintegrated?" He had a sly smirk, which only made Ahsoka wonder what he could possibly be thinking about. "From down here it was much different—extraordinary."


"Well, Skyguy..." Ahsoka started, walking around one side of the medical bed, while her master sat with his legs hanging off it. "Obi-Wan told me what happened..." She said with a knowingly smile that soon changed to gratitude. "Thanks, I guess," she chuckled faintly. "For saving the galaxy."

He rolled his eyes and smirked back. "I didn't save the galaxy, Snips."

She sighed. "You know what I mean." Saving Coruscant was probably a better term—but who knows, what would have happened if it was burned to smithereens?

Then came a comfortable silence, until it was broken. "But really, though. Are you alright?"

Anakin sensed his Padawan's true concern and smiled at her. "Yeah, I'm fine... A little drained and tired... But okay."


Anakin's POV

And Ahsoka left a little while after, then Obi-Wan came and then left, leaving Anakin to rest. Through their immense amount of worrying, Anakin continued to say he was fine... and for the first time in a while, it was true. He was sore and sick and tired and aching, but okay. He felt okay.

He remembered back to that first night him and his friends' were held prisoner, and then their journey throughout Moraband, and then the awful feeling in the Jedi temple when he knew Ahsoka was left behind. In all those times he felt so alone and pained... but now it was different. Weird to think risking his life, using himself to save Coruscant, would change his mind for the better. And just the power of one man could change everything...

Hmm... No. That didn't sound right.

Not 'one man'...

...But 'one Chosen One'.



*Cue Star Wars roll credits theme*

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UPDATED: So, I have changed the ending. I added two paragraphs from "Yeah, I'm fine... A little drained and tired... But okay." And got rid of the sad ending all together. Why you ask? Well, the good ending felt really anticlimactic and I hated it how this is my most popular fanfic with a really sucky end. Everything time a new person would read this, I would think 'no don't read this! You'll be disappointed!' And well, now I finally got around to changing it. It's still not the best, but it's better.

May the Force be with you


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