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1 month later

{ so I did jump a little ahead but I will have a few like flashbacks throughout  this ch. So enjoy}

~ Justin ~

I grabbed her hand and she was telling me about how her class was.

The bell rang and I stopped right in fornt of her 5th period classroom door.

She made a pout face.

"Can I see my princess smile"

She let a small smile show but put her head down.

"Hey" I lift her face. "What's wrong?"


"Come one. I know when something  is wrong with you"

"Well i don't know just stuff people are saying ."

~Selena's flashback ~

We were walking out of school together. He said something and It made me laugh.

"Well if it isn't little miss goody goody"

I'd recognize that voice from anywhere.

"Hi" I whisper

"Did you just talk to me?!"

"Yes?" I fix my glasses

"And who let you do that?" She laughed

"I was just trying to be nice."

She rolled her eyes.

"Hey Gigi stop being so rude to her She never done anything to you!" Justin yelled at her.

I squeezed his hand. He looked at me.

"Well well Justin. What are you doing with her. Did you really get that desperate you choose her." She laughs

"What about you just Buzz off Gigi and go with your little "friends" and talk about how self centered you are."

He then walked to his car and I followed close behind.

*another flashback*

Justin took me out for dinner one night. He was getting our food while I sat at our table.

Then I hear whispering. I ignored it at first but then I hear

"Does she really think that he like her!"

"Oh I feel so bad when he breaks her heart."

"She is to ugly for him. He deserves way better!"

I lay my head on the table. Taking in all the things they said.


I waited for Justin to come back and when he did he asked what was wrong I told him nothing and he shrugged it off.

But then after dinner when he was dropping me off at home he asked again and I told him but he got frustrated and punched the steering wheel. I covered my mouth.


I had discovered that he gets very angry so I have to calm him down.

"Justin, look at me"

I gently grabbed his face and turned it towards me. I looked into his eyes

"It's okay. I'm okay. You know why"

He still was angry

"Because of you Justin. You make me happy and I know you really like me because of things like this"

Then I looked at him seeing he was still a little angry but nothing like he was before I said that.

So I did what I thought might have been right in that moment. I kissed him.

At first he was a little surprised but then he had a hand on my neck and cheek. We pulled back and I was blushing a vibrant red. He was smiling like crazy. Well I'm going to guess that worked.

That was also the night that we first kisses each other. It was amazing.

~ Justin ~

We're people still saying stuff about us can't they understand that I lover her and she makes me happy. They just need to keep themselves out of our business.

I kissed her nose.

" We'll just ignore them like we always do right."

She nods her head.

"Okay well I'll see you after class okay"

She nods again.

I watch her go inside her class and I walk to mine. It gets me so angry that people keep saying stuff about us and giving her so much hate. She's been bullied all of our lives and now they do this. Uh it gets me so angry.

I walk to the locker room. Opening the door. Man its always so hot in here they seriously need better fans in here or ac something.

I open my locker and throw my backpack in there. I slip my shirt off and pants. Replacing them with my gym uniform.

Hunter:"Hey dude where we're you yesterday. We were supposed to hang out yesterday?"

I close the locker.

"I was with my girlfriend" I say

"Girlfriend?" He asks

"Yes girlfriend." I nod

Grayson:"Dude they've been together for like what a month now?"

I nod.

Grayson hits hunter in the shoulder.

"Told you!" He ties his shoes

"What who is it?"

"Selena. Selena Gomez" I smile


I push him up against the lockers.

"There is nothing wrong with her. She's beautiful and I love her. So if you won't at least respect her. Then we aren't going to be friends anymore okay"

"Put me down" hunter struggles

I drop him.

Grayson shakes his head at hunter.

Justin and Grayson leave.

Well now I know who my true friend is

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