Part 34 - Realizing He'll Never Deserve Her

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I grinned against her mouth greedily. I couldn't help it. Something about her rambling on about me told me she might be as taken with me as I was with her. She kissed me back, and leaned against me, her hands pressed into the wall. Her chest pushed against mine and all I could think about was her exposed stomach. It had been taking all of the self control in my body to not stare at her. To not touch her. To not fucking hold her. I bit down on her bottom lip and her mouth opened instantly. I lowered my face and pushed against her mouth deepening the kiss. I dropped my hands from her burning face and found her hips with my hands. As I kissed her it felt like I was going crazy. I knew this would never be enough. I swallowed my ever so lasting lust, but didn't stop kissing her. I'd never stop kissing her, and she was actually kissing me back.

"Kadri," she murmured against my mouth. I yanked myself away from her to find myself staring shocked at the grin on her face. "Just kidding." I growled slightly, and she winked at me.

"That was not funny?"

She took a step towards the bed, and I stared at her, watching her slip out of my grasp.

"No, it wasn't. So, come here." I said, grabbing her arm and pulling us both towards each other. I lost my other hand in her hair and bent over slightly. "So I can punish you for it." I murmured and she laughed slightly, making my chest tighten with...well what was this feeling anyway?

"Shut up, Jako." She said laughing, her eyes were bright and alive. My eyes fell to her lips, they were red and there was a tiny bruise above her top lip. Without thinking much of it I let her arm go and placed a light finger on the bruise.

"Does it hurt at all?"

She stared up at me blankly, cluelessly, and adorably.

"Does what hurt?"

"You have a small bruise here."

"Oh, no it doesn't hurt at all." At that I smiled and pulled her closer towards me. My heart beat increased and I paused while I stared down at her lifted chin. Her lips were parted in shock and her expression was plagued with a sexy sort of cuteness about her.  I pulled my hand from her hair and placed it on her shoulder, pressing my own lips against her neck. Her body molded against mine as she melted against me and I groaned into her mouth knowing that I was already having a problem this was not helping me at all.

The feeling of having her pressed against me after wanting it for so long felt eyerollingly good. It felt even more when I remembered that she was alive and face; especially when I realized that she was kissing me back. Somehow we ended up with her laying down on the bed with me on top her. Only being supported by my elbows and kissing her whole not crushing her. Eventually though, I wanted to stroke her lips so I fell down on top of her. She let out a small grunt and then laughed.

"What is happening?" I mumbled, staring down at her. I could feel my face flushing. She was so beautiful, and she was kissing me back. Why? I was someone who definitely didn't deserve her. So, why? I stared down at her in wonder, my hand cupping her cheek. "Why are you kissing me back?" I asked, my eyes trained on her lips, too scared to meet her eye. She turned her head away from me, her cheek leaving my palm and didn't answer for a moment.

"I don't know," her voice held a weird wonder and she sounded almost distracted. "It's strange, right?" She asked, and I found my eyes traveling over her whole face. She was beautiful, entirely. Beautiful and...funny, charismatic, easily irritable, a little slobbish, weird, observant and so many other things.

"It is." I murmured, starting to run a light finger down her jawline and she flushed immediately, but not for the reason I thought.

"Brandon," she started and before she finished her sentence her hands found my chest and she slowly pushed me up. We moved in sync perfectly and I couldn't look away from her face. "What's up?" She asked, turning towards him obviously trying to act cool, but her flushed face gave her away. Finally, I looked towards her brother to see his eyes flicking from me to her, her to me. He seemed to be debating on whether to beat the shit out of me or bombard us with a million questions.

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