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"Babe, do your homework later," Shawn whines for the hundredth time this evening, sprawled across your bed. You roll your eyes and ignore him, continuing to type on your laptop quickly. You hear Shawn sigh in frustration and get up from your bed, making his way to you.

"Babe," Shawn says quietly. He sits beside you and places his hand on your knee.


His hand moves higher.

"I need you."

His last statement is barely a whisper in your ear, his hot breath brushing your neck.

"Shawn," you moan.

"C'mon, princess, just ten minutes."

You breath in, pushing back your desire and shove Shawn's hand off your thigh.


Shawn groans and leans back, crossing his arms in defeat.

"Fine. We'll do this the hard way."

Suddenly, Shawn's hand moves beneath your skirt, palming at your clothed heat.

"Fuck, Shawn," you whimper as you slam your computer down and lean forward in pleasure.

"You like that? You naughty naughty girl," Shawn chuckles deeply, his voice full of lust.

"My parents are downstairs," you whisper in reply, throwing Shawn a glare.

"Good. Let them hear. Let them know that you're mine, and that I'm the one who makes you feel good. They can't protect you anymore."

"Shawwwn," you moan loudly as his fingers slip past your panties and into you, your core dripping. Shawn begins pumping in and out of you when you hear your bedroom door burst open. You quickly lean into Shawn so your visitor can't see where his hand really is.

"Is everything alright in here?" You recognize your dad's voice. You turn your head around to face him and smile.

"Mmhm. Shawn just made a really funny joke."

"Oh." Your father nods hesitantly. "Alright well... Finish your homework."

"Yeah. Almost done."


When your father closes the door behind him, you sigh a breath if relief.

"I'll help you get off but you have to be quiet," you whisper sternly, a smirk forming on Shawn's lips.

"I can't make any promises."

You're impressed by Shawn's rebellion. He would never do anything like this, especially around your parents. You peck him on the cheek and get to your knees. Slowly, you unzipper his jeans and begin palming him through his boxers. He bites his lip and leans his head back in pleasure.

"Fuck, babe, hurry up or I'll lose it."

Not taking any risk, you pull down Shawn's boxers so release his erection and kiss the tip, pumping his length at the same time. You move to kitten-licking and then take him into to your mouth. He thrusts his hips upwards causing you to gag. Without losing confidence, you being bobbing as Shawn's breaths become rapid and shallow.

"Don't stop, y/n, please," Shawn whimpers, your arousal heightening as he comes undone to your touch. You swallow and then stand up, sitting on Shawn's lap straddling him.

"So I got a new teacher today, and he gave me a new assignment," you bite your lip.

Shawn chuckles and smirks. "What's his name?"

"Mr. Mendes," you say seductively. Shawn groans.

You chuckle and lock your lips with Shawn's, his tongue exploring your mouth.

"I have to practice riding, Shawn," you whisper. "Mr. Mendes told me so."


Shawn lifts up your skirt and lowers your panties, lining himself up with your entrance.

"Well I want you to pass, so you better get to practicing."

You sink down onto Shawn's length, grasping onto his shoulders in pleasure as he fills you up completely. You begin to rock your hips back and forth teasingly before Shawn's hands grab your hips and lift you up, only to slam your back down again. You whimper as you feel him hit your g-spot. You continue bouncing, Shawn bucking his hips so his thrusts meet yours. He guides you, continuously slamming you down onto his length.

"S-Shawn, I'm so close," you whisper, resting your head on Shawn's shoulder.

"Not yet, babe," Shawn grunts. Your breathing becomes rapid as you fight to hold back your orgasm.

"Shawn please."


You groan into Shawn's shoulder as you both release all at once, your breathing heavy as you stop bouncing and sit there recovering.

"You may proceed," Shawn smiles down at you.


"Seriously, finish your homework. I want you to pass."

He lifts you up from his lap and zips up his jeans, walking out of your room.

"Goodnight, babe, I'll see you tomorrow," Shawn calls in his wake. You roll your eyes and turn back to your computer, your concentration now failing you.

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