1 | Meeting Logan Prescott

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You can do this. I kept telling myself as I approached the impressive mansion. It was too late for me to back out on my word and I was beginning to question why I ever thought this was okay. My heels clicked against the perfectly laid brick driveway as I reached the front door. Lifting a shaky hand, I firmly press my index finger into the doorbell button as I could hear the faint sound of chimes echo of the tall walls of the house. I held my clutch in front of me with both hands before seeing a figure dressed in black approach the door through the large slate of decorated glass set in the middle of the two fine slabs of mahogany.

My heart constricted in my chest at the sound of the locks being undone. When the door slowly opened, I was greeted by warm smiling face. "Come in, dear." the older woman greeted me as she stepped aside to allow me to enter.

I can't help but gawk at the extravagance around me. Every surface sparkled from being impeccably polished. I swear I could see my reflection clear in the marble floor tiles. As I followed the maid through the foyer, I could hear the sound of excited chatter along with the soft sounds of what I guessed to be a string quartet.

"Ah Bailey, I'm so glad you could make it!" I heard the sound of my boss' voice as soon as I stepped foot outside where the real party was. Although he acted pleasantly surprised, this was completely planned.

"Well, I should be thanking you for the invitation." I say with a charming smile as he and his wife share a pleased look.

"Thank you for doing this. You have no idea what it means to me that my son will finally be with a girl who has class and fine taste." she said with a wink as she looked over my form-fitting red satin dress.

"Elena, why don't you show Bailey around while I go find our elusive son." Mister Prescott suggested before Missus Prescott gently tugs my arm beckoning me to follow her.

As I round the heavy, ornate, stone railings that encompass part of the backyard, my jaw drops slightly at the sight that meets my eyes. There were no big white tents like I expected. No, the Prescotts were far too sophisticated for an item used during a scholar's graduation. The backyard was aglow with fine white lights that were strung amongst the trees as a string quartet sat atop the pool that was covered with a clear, thick slate of Plexiglas. The lights installed in the pool illuminated the border making for the ultimate stage. There were several fountains that littered random parts of the backyard's plant life which added to the backyard's charm.

Caterers meandered amongst the high-end party goers with trays of hors d'oeuvres and tall flutes filled with champagne. I couldn't have been more out of my element than I was at this moment.

"Bailey," Elena's voice breaks my train of thoughts. "I really can't express how glad I am that you agreed to do this for us. Logan has always been a little on the wild side, we thought it would've changed after we moved to the States from Australia when he was eighteen, but clearly Ivan and I were wrong."

I smile at her charming subtle Australian accent. "Believe me, I –"

"Ah, Elena there you are!" Before I could finish my statement, Mister Prescott's voice cut me off. "Bailey, I'd like to introduce you to my son Logan. Logan, this is my assistant Bailey."

My lips part slightly when my eyes met Logan's. He's tall, muscular, and he had the most piercing, mysterious blue eyes I've ever laid my eyes on. His hair was long and slicked back with a tad bit of gel – a look no other guy on this earth could pull off as well as he could. His face was dusted with stubble, adding to his ruggedness.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." I say with a sheepish undertone in my voice.

"The pleasure's all mine." he smoothly replies, reaching for my hand and pressing it to his lips. I blush and look at Elena whose all smiles as she looks between us and her husband.

"Ivan, care to make some rounds with me?"

"Sure dear," Mister Prescott firmly claps Logan's shoulder before leaning in and whispering something to his son who simply smirks before looking at me. I watch as Logan nods at his father before he and Elena waltz off to make small talk with the partygoers.

"The way my father speaks of you does you no justice. You're far more beautiful than words can describe."

I blush feeling my insides constrict just from the husky lull of his accent. "You're quite the charmer." I say still not able to meet his gaze. Looking down at the tips of my stilettos, I can feel his presence directly in front of me after he took a step forward.

"Do I make you nervous, Bailey?"

My breath hitches in the back of my throat just hearing my name roll off his tongue. It was like music to my ears. "No," I lie feeling his index finger curl under my chin before tilting my face up to look up into his eyes.

"You know, most girls just throw themselves at me, but not you. You're different."

I swallow back my nerves as his eyes bore into mine. "You have no idea." I say, my voice barely above a whisper now.

"Hm," he hummed. "You fascinate me. I must say." Logan's hand reaches up and cups my face. His thumb runs across the bottom of my lip and I suddenly can't compel myself to look anywhere but his perfect soft lips.

"How so?" I whisper and I see his lips turn upward into a smirk.

"There's this innocence about you. It's –" his other hand slowly cups the side of my waist as he pulls me closer to his body. "Irresistible." He whispers into my ear making all the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

Pulling back slightly, I look up at his face feeling like I could pass out from the smell of his cologne and the sound of his voice alone. "I'm not your typical kind of girl." I say quietly yet boldly.

"And what do you mean by that?" he asks clearly amused by my sudden show of boldness.

"I'm not just going to sleep with you because you know how to use your words. I have more respect and class than that."

A smile crosses his lips as he studies my face. "Not interested in being one of my conquests?" he muses.

"I'm nobody's warm body." I say firmly.

"Just so you know," he dips his head so I can feel his hot breath just below my ear. "I like a challenge."

I can hear the arrogance and confidence in his voice that I could be angry if I wasn't so turned on right now. "I'm also not a prize to be won."

I can tell he's baffled by my sudden confidence and I can't tell if he's annoyed or interested. "My, my, Bailey," he coos. "Playing hard to get is something I don't find in most girls I go for."

"Like I said before, Logan," I look up at him through my lashes, his eyes are a stormy blue and I know he's interested. "I'm not most girls." I say confidently before removing his hands from my body and walking off toward a more populated area of the party. I spot Ivan and Elena talking animatedly with another older couple and I tentatively approach them.

"Bailey, how's it going?" Ivan inquires merrily.

"I think he'll be asking for my contact information." I say as I look over my left shoulder to see Logan staring at me from across the yard.

"Thank you, Miss Montgomery. I'll be in touch." he lifts his flute of champagne to me and nods his head.

"The party was lovely." I say to Elena who pulls me toward her to press her cheek to mine.

"Thank you, sweetie. Drive home safely and I'll hopefully be seeing you around here soon." she winks at me and I give her a small smile.

As I walk toward the house, I feel something I've never felt before. I felt a strong desire in my core for a man that's clearly no good for me. And to add to the confusion, this man happens to be my boss' son. Despite my body feeling alive at his every touch and the sound of his voice having the ability to drive me crazy, how real could these feelings be when I'm being paid to do it? How genuine can these feelings be when I'm practically being paid to feel them?

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