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Mia's POV
We were 17 already my and I came up with a surprise that would devastate everyone and since I turned that deal down with Shawn years ago but he still loved me anyway but it would hurt him too the Matthews surprised me by saying cory had a brother who was on the way and I suggested it to be Josh and it happened but we had one more surprise "Matthews and shawn I wanted to tell you that um....im moving so i-I came to say goodbye" I said tears already coming out of my eyes "why Mia i still love you ?" Shawn said and hugged me "I - I my dad he tracked me down now I gotta run away or he will kill me for real Shawn " I said then everyone surrounded me with hugs while we all cried I packed my things

Time skip

"Bye Matthews " I said I walked up to Shawn "hey " I said sadly "I love you " he said and kissed me "never forget me " I said with tears in my eyes "never will" he said and kissed me again I hugged Cory and kissed his cheek I hugged Topanga I went to Eric and hugged him and hugged mr and the Mrs "thank you for the greatest life I ever had " I said I said bye and jumped in the cab and drove to the airport to go to new York

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