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'Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the sticks,
There was snow falling down, a freaky, wintry trick.
Holly was driving with a white-knuckled care,
But she was running late and needed to get there.

To the wedding of the year, a backwoods event,
To the clients who hired her, much to Holly’s torment.
Because she was a girl from the bright city streets
and a country Christmas Eve wedding was not her kind of treat.

Yet, Holly was desperate and needed this job
Or the wolves would come calling and take away her shop.
The cake in the back was her personal creation,
A ten-layered confection of sugary temptation.

And the Campbells were richer than the land they staked.
They asked for a bridal pastry only Holly could bake.
With ribbons and roses and feathers galore
The cake was a mass of crazy and bizarre.

But she made it, despite her good sense
Because the stupid thing took a whole week to commence...
To bake and stack and add the decorations,
And now she’d finally be free of the frustration.

However, to get there, to get there, and to do it with care
To the cabin by a lake and the Campbell’s holiday affair,
The road on which her delivery van now traveled
Wasn’t a road, but a slippery path of rock and gravel.

Then out from the trees, there bounced a furry, brown beast
With horns aplenty and a snowy-white chest.
Holly screamed in terror and slammed on the brakes
The wheels slid sideways and so did the cake.

Her van hit the ditch and her head, the steering wheel.
But the cake was okay, so she trembled with zeal.
For without that big wedding cake, she wouldn’t get paid
And then what did it matter if she begged and she prayed?

With the press of the gas and a shift down in gears,
Her tires spun and spun, without spinning clear.
In a moment of tears and one angry "Pluck a duck!”
Her van, the cake, herself...were all disgracefully stuck.

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