My Appreciation

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank all of you guys who read the book and stuck with it. I really appreciated you reading, voting and commenting! This story or series or whatever was my first and I haven't made plans on continuing the story but I would if people wanted me to. Your support of this really made me enjoy writing. At times it was therapy for me because I lost my mother a few years ago and recently my aunt and an uncle, so having you guys read and like my writing has made me feel good during a difficult time, when I was trying my hardest to be okay. It was hard for me to write sometimes because school and life got crazy for me. I just still appreciate you so much for continuing to read my story it means a lot. So, I have ideas to make a third book but I don't about it! Depends on what you guys think, do you want me to continue their story?

Lately, I have been in a good place and have been inspired to write so within the next couple of days, I plan to be updating Amnesia and The Perfect Crime more often.


~Talanda <3

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