Chapter 13: Liam

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She was fast.

She was fast on her paws, so damn fast sometimes I forgot that she just turned.

She was a damned pain in my ass, but I couldn't help but grow more fond of her. My wolf cared for her like she was one of ours, one of our pups. The thought in itself both made my heart feel things it hadn't felt in years while also shooting tendrils of anger through me. We had pups, we used to have pups, and now they are gone because we were not there to save them.

I don't think I will ever be able to forgive myself for letting Eve go that day. I should have gone with her. Even if I couldn't save them, at least I would have died with them. I wanted to die.

I still wanted to die; less than I did before, Charlie was a lot to blame for that, but the longing to walk to the moon with my family was still there.

My beast wouldn't let me though. Damn asshole.

No matter how much I tried to let the craze that comes with loosing a mate set in, he would fight it off. It was like he was waiting for something. He still felt so strongly towards the pack we left, and now with Charlie girl here I knew he would never let me leave her.

But I didn't really want to leave her.

When Lander suggested that she travel to a pack, join one, when she was ready, I thought I was going to lose my shit. I wanted to bash his brains in right there. He's lucky he's my brother and can hold his own against me; Lander was always good about being able to hold his own with his words and teeth, he was a great beta.

It's not that I disagreed with him. I knew she would have to eventually. The longing for one would drive her wolf crazy eventually. That and her wolf would start to eventually push her to find their mate, whether Charlie wanted to or not.

But she was filling a void that I never thought would be filled; breathing the air of life back into my soul and reminding me why I had to keep living.

I would never admit it to her, not now anyways, but that little shit saved me.

There was no denying the bond that was there between us. I accepted it the moment she started to shift. It was like watching my pups shift all over again. I knew she was in pain yet inside I felt so much agony; I couldn't help her, I just had to watch her suffer. It was damn terrible, feeling that helpless.

Yet now she's a damn alpha female and a damn strong one too. Stronger than a lot of females born with alpha blood running through their veins.

It worried me.

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