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I was at home pacing back and forth infront of the large bay window that overlooked the massive yard in the front. I was nervous, on edge as I caught part of a message from a patronus from some snatchers that they think they caught Harry Potter and his friends. If they infact did the only girl I had ever truly loved would be at a death sentence only because of her blood status. I had to think of a plan... and quick.

I watched as some snatchers entered through the gates and began walking up towards the house, the moment of truth. Before I have even moved to head towards the front door my father and aunt waltzed in with huge grins plastered on their faces.

"Draco we need you to identify this lot out here and tell us if its really Harry Potter?" My Aunt Bella hissed. The way she talked always made the hair on my head stand at its ends. I nodded my head and we walked to the other room.

There she was, Hermione, I blinked several times hoping that when my eyes refocused that she would be gone but she was still there.

"Move closer Draco, we have to be absolutely sure that this is him, if we are wrong then he will kill us all." My aunt told me in her slithery voice.

Abiding I moved closer, I didn't have to be close to know that these three were the people the Dark Lord was looking for. Sure I had it out for Harry but the time for childish differences had past. I was tired of this life my parents had forced me into, he was the only hope for a better future. The past several months I saw only two doors, follow or die, now I saw a third one.... fight!

I looked at the lot and shook my head.

"It's not them, the idiot that grabbed them should be punished these are pureblood." I lied

"Are you absolutely sure Draco?" My father asked

"Of course I am sure, they are in Slytherin I wake up to their faces every day I was at school." I added. "Now if you don't mind I think I will walk my mates out"

My Aunt released her anger out on the lot that brought them and I took my oppourtunity to snatch Hermione's small bag from them and help them escape. I was running beside them away from my house, once we got past the gates I grabbed them and turned quickly on the spot.

"You knew it was us Draco? Why didn't you tell them?" Harry asked.

I had my back to them as I spoke. "Because I am tired of living the life my parents want me to, the Dark Lord needs to die so whatever it is that needs to be done lets do it."

"Are you buying this load of crap Harry? No way in hell is he joining us." Ron snapped.

I had to admit I deserved his words, I had been a prat to him for the past 6 years. I just thought he could be a little bit nice after I saved his life.

"I trust him" Hermione said as she walked over to my side.

Ron made a noise of disgust and shook his head.

"Are you serious? Hermione why?" he grumbled.

"Because, we have been together since our first year at Hogwarts" That made me smile, she wasn't embarrased about being with me.

"But what about our second year when-"

"-Ron I knew he was innocent, I just knew if word got out that we were together he would become a blood traitor. So I had you two go in and find out yourselves."

"He called you a mudblood!"

"He had to keep up appearances. Trust me he didn't like having to pretend to hate me"

Hermione was simply amazing, I absolutely love how certain she was of us.

"The day is not getting any younger you guys, now please if you are ready lets move on." I cut in. My family probably noticed I was gone but they would probably think nothing of it, after all they think I am with my friends from school. I let out a rather large yawn which started a chain reaction. "On second thought lets make camp."

Hermione tensed up as she began searching her person.

"Oh no!" She gasped. "The snatcher must have taken my bag."

I quickly pulled it from my robe along with their wands and handed them back. Ron looked like he had just been stunned when I threw his wand to him, maybe he would trust me now. Harry nodded curteously and Hermione threw her arms around me and hugged me.

I watched in the back ground as the three went to work, Ron and Harry began placing charms and enchantments to hide and protect our camp and Hermione began bringing out the tent. Once the tent was on the ground I waved my wand and watched as it erected itself. She smiled and then we walked into the tent, the others soon followed.

Sitting around a table I listened to the others talking about horcruxes, they knew where one of them were because of Harrys being able to see into Voldermorts mind. We had made plans to break into my aunts vault at gringotts the next day because that was were it was at.

"I wish we had some food" I heard Ron whine.

That reminded me of my ruck sack in my pocket, it was the same size as Hermiones with a invisible extention charm in it as well. Inside I had food spare robes and many more things that might come in handy, one of them being my families tent, next time we would use it. I pulled my ruck from the inside of my pockets and waved my wand causing it to expand to its normal size.

"Accio stew" I muttered and smiled as a large pot came soaring out and landing on the table.

Everyone looked at me and I shrugged only to use the summoning charms to retrieve a few bowls and spoons for us all. The moment I set them down they dove at it.

"Honestly when was the last time you have ate?" I asked Hermione who was smiling as she inhaled her bowl of stew.

"I don't remember, its been just that long."

That made me a little upset, the image of her unhealthy thin frail frame swam before my mind. Once she had finished I filled her bowl up again and once more after that. By the time everyone had gotten their filling the pot was empty.

"Thanks Draco" Ron slurred as he slumpt in his chair and began rubbing his stomach.

"Yeah thanks mate" Harry mimicked.

"Its no problem, I have more food if you guys get hungry." I said nodding towards my ruck.

After a really long conversation about how we were going to sneak into my aunts vault we finally agreed on a plan. I was on my aunts list to enter so the others just had to be nearby and be invisible, Harrys invisibility cloak and some strong illusement potions would do the trick no doubt. Though Hermione insisted on changing their appearance and forgetting the charms. Before we went turned in for the night I finally gave in to her idea and it was set.

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