(Tianna's P.O.V)

"Bitch open that damn pussy of yours for my dick to come in." Devaunte' said smiling at me. That muthafucka always wanted me to open my p*ssy for him, soon it would probably look like his grandmothers. I loved that muthafucka though.

He would buy me everything i wanted for as long as i stayed with him and had sex with him.

I could do that easily because I've been living with him for 2 years now, ever since my motha kicked me out the house to live with her stupid ass boyfriend.

Me and Devaunte' went to school before and we were like brotha and sistah from 3rd grade. I remember the day my momma kicked me out like it was yesterday, i came crying on his doorstep while it was raining and shit.

That was when i was a weak ass lil girl.

For 2 years living with a drug dealer it really changed me. I would cry all the time over my mom, i didnt smoke, had no clothes, money, school books or nothing. Devaunte' helped me out and i began to like him.

He didnt see me nothing more than the sister from 3rd grade though. He then finally came to his senses and started liking me, a month later our relationship turned to love. I was 15 then and im 17 now, but i feel more like damn 20.

Devaunte' gave me money willingly to buy clothes, shoes, and whatever else i wanted or needed. He still does sometimes but, he wanted me to know the real struggle of life and taught me how to sell drugs like him.

His older brother, Keshaun was the leader and everybody would do whatever he said. I dont know what happened but Keshaun died and all i know is Devaunte' became the leader, taking his place.

Since, I was his girl and i was good as him on the streets i came next in charge. Fuck! i loved that position because all these stupid bitches bowed down to me, so when i said jump they had to jump or i would bust a cap in their ass, and them bitches knew better than to mess with me.

After our little fuck session my pussy was wet and his dick was hard as brick. I always left my man begging for more. He did it to me basically every morning and i loved every second of it as much as his ass did. I didnt want to come out of his arms but i had to go to school. I went to take a shower and he came in too.

"Your nipples feels sooo good, baby." He stroked and flipped my nipples with his thumbs.

"Hmmmm." I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure. He sucked my nipples and i got even wetter.

"Fuck, Devaunte' i gotta get ready for school!" I stepped out the shower, wiping myself then oiling myself down.

"I don't know why you even go to fucking school. I hate school, that just makes me shit on myself."

I started laughing, " I don't like it neither but I want to sell these drugs to these dumb ass kids in there."

"Yeah whatever, its the same money you get in that damn school you get in the streets." He hit my ass really hard and left a red mark on my caramel ass and walked out the bathroom to our room. He followed me inside and shut the door.

"Are you gunna follow me everywhere?"

"Bitch, dont play with me and shut the fuck up!"

I rolled my eyes and smirked.

He pushed me back against the bed and came on top of me.

"Te' stop!" I exclaimed while laughing.

"He began kissing my neck and then sucking on it. When he pulled back up i felt a burning sensation left on the spot he was sucking.