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So, I had the opportunity to interview RainySkky about her most famous book “Controlled”. Sophia Anderson is your normal teenager, going to a normal high school, having great, supportive friends, and can't wait to graduate and go to college. With her mom always on business trips for a job that pays more than enough, Sophie is usually left to fend for herself. All she has is her dog, Naomi.

Ricky is a murderer, who stalks young women, learns about them, then becomes obsessed with them. If they refuse, or fake their love towards him, he brutally kills them. Then, after he sees Sophie coming out of the movie theaters one night, he instantly becomes obsessed. He begins stalking her, watching her through her window, following her at night, and learns more and more about her everyday. He feels the need to control Sophie, to make her his. The last thing Sophie wanted was a stalker. He plans on kidnapping her, taking her away where he will have her all to himself. Will Sophie realize she is being followed everywhere she goes, and someone knows everything about her? Or will it be too late?   This book has a total of 509,460 reads, 5,766 votes and 1,448 comments! Wow!

What inspired you to write the book Controlled?

Well, what inspired me was watching a bunch of crime shows. (SVU, criminal minds, csi, ect). And also some movies that I have watched in the past about women/ men being stalked. Even a story on the news inspired me! I got  the idea one night about writing a book that involved a man stalking a young girl. I asked my best friend's opinion and she said to go for it! :)

How did the character Sophia come to mind?

Well, I knew that I wanted the main character to have a name that naturally has a nickname. Sophia, aka Sophie, fit best for this story. Or at least I felt like it did. And I also love the name as well. I don't meet many Sophie/ Sophia :)

Where you trying to get a message through to your fans through the book?

Well, yes and no. It started as just a book that I wanted to write. Because, if you know anything about me, I have a twisted mind, hahahaha. But then when it started to become popular, I started to put a lot more thought into it. I'm trying to say that just because you're on your own at times, doesn't mean you can't be strong and fight for yourself and the ones you love. For example, Sophie gave up something precious to save the one she truly loved, Justin. Or Naomi getting stabbed to save Sophie.

I have read the book, and it was very down to earth! How Sophie is so strong, and unselfish teared me up. Naomi was a very loyal dog. Do you have any pets yourself?

And, how did you start writing? Just by watching your crime movies or anything else inspired you to write?

Yes, I have 2 cats and a golden retriever living at my grandparent’s house. At the beginning I didn't plan to have Naomi in the story, but she turned out to play a big part. That was because I thought about when I was little and Polo, my golden retriever, had always been by my side. I felt like I would put something personal in the story and see if people would relate. And I just began writing one night, at about 11 o'clock. When I posted the first chapter, I hadn't expected to get a fan, or a vote, or even a read as fast as I had gotten one. That gave me the inspiration to write more and more, and then I ended up with a sequel, and short stories.

What is your favorite part in controlled?

My favorite part is probably when they first meet. It was my most enjoyable part to write, because it's when the suspense comes in, and it's where the readers begin to become drawn into the story, despite the intensity of the first chapter.

What was the hardest part to write?