It's Lit

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Sammy Pov
After i got done playing with that hot head i went home took a shower and started texting my ex. I don't want to be with her but i mean i like her company,  you feel me? Whatever after a long night on the phone with her
I went to sleep, i needed to be well rested in case Ashton tries to put her hands on me again.

I get out of bed and slowly get ready for school.
I wasnt really feeling it today so i put on some nike joggers with a white tee and put on my nike slides.
Before walking out i grab my blunt and lighter and ran out the house.
When i was getting in my car i see Ashton getting in her car as well, our eyes locked but i could tell something was wrong, whatever tho.
I got in my car and lit my blunt before driving off.

20min later

I parked my car and took one last hit.
My car rink of weed so i sprayed my cologne around and put some on.
As i got out the car i put my headphones in a blasted 21 savage and put my shades on to cover my red low eyes.

Last night i barely got any sleep thinking about my parents, i really felt bad about spazzing out on sammy so i brought her a teddy bear and nike pro boxers.
I was kinda nervous to give it to her myself so i popped her locker open and put the items in. Anyways my adoptive mother texts me saying she will be home tonight, i haven't seen her in 5months she's always flying somewhere for her job. She's only 26 and gorgeous, so i tell most people that she's just my sister,anyways the first bell rung and i headed to class, as i was walking in i see sammy at her locker. I put my head down amd hurry pass her.

The first bell rings and i start walking to my locker, once i get there my locker is smashed and open
I look around to see if it was some sick joke and someone is waiting for me to react but no one seemed to even notice.
I open it up and a teddy bear is nicely set up it my locker with a pack of nike pros leaning against it and a little card that says sorry and on the back says love ashton...

I start to smile but fuck the kid she smashed my locker why couldn't she just hand it to me?! And she thinks this is going to make it all better?! The kid got physical with me and I still wanna beat the shit out of her.

The warning bell rings and I start to walk in the class, Ashton looks at me and i smile then she smiles and i instantly frown and flick her off then proceed to my desk.

My smile starts to fade as sammy flicks me off, i thought she would like it or at least appreciate my effort.
All class period i was trying to think what i did wrong.
Eventually i just said fuck it at least i tried.
The bell finally and i was the first out the door.

6 hours later
It was finally practice time, i walked to my car to get my pages then walked to the gym.
Coach had us do suicides and then upper body in the weight room all day.
After long sweaty hours of workouts it was finally time to go home and get ready for this pool party.
I got freshened up and put on some ripped jeans, a black shirt with a gold cuban links and a gold watch with some low-top air-force 1s.

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