Dark Black Magic: chapter 23 ~house guests~

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Last night I did 'it' with Rayne, for the first time ever. This morning I was convinced I had made the right decision but after today's events I'm not so sure. Today was my first day at work and some how the people I worked with managed to guess that I had gone all the way with Rayne- a demon. They were very angry with me especially Greg my boss. I was so upset when I left work but when I saw Rayne across the street waiting I was so happy. Even that was short lived. Rayne confessed he stole a car for me. We had an argument and Rayne stormed out the house slamming the door behind him. The whole day had been awful and now I was wondering if I had made the right choice last night. Greg warned me about Rayne, he said that Rayne was dangerous and I didn't want to believe him but now I'm having doubts. Small doubts that I could probably forget if everyone stopped badgering me and Rayne started acting like a civilised human being- I hope. Either way I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Depressed I head into my bedroom and flop down on the bed and start to read a book. I had finished the first paragraph when a loud bang rattled the front door. Putting my book down I opened the door. A very large stout woman with no neck and a bright red perm stood on my doorstep.

"Darling!" she cried forcing her way into my home, blowing a kiss in my ear as she passed, "Rudolph has told me all about your circumstances darling and I'm here to help! Francois, the charts!" she barked. A slim grey haired man dressed in dirty brown robes appeared from thin air carrying a large leather bound book.

"Who are you?" I said confused as the woman shook her head and tutted at my wallpaper.

"Dreadful darling, dreadful. Paper on the walls is very provincial. Francois will make it nice- if he knows what is good for him." The woman shot the man a dark look and continued further into the flat, "Very hokey darling. Tsk-tsk."

"Who are you?" I asked again.

"Greta Cochon, darling but every one calls me Piggy darling," She laughed grabbing Francois by the scruff and throwing him into the kitchen, "Sort out that mess Francois."

Piggy? What kind of a nickname was Piggy and more importantly why was she in my house.

"Excuse me, what are you doing here?" I asked.

Piggy blinked for a second at me as if I was madwoman.

"FRANCOIS!" Piggy charged into the kitchen and grabbed Francois by the ankel and dragged him back into the corridor. Pulling him to his feet Piggy said, "Francois, tell little missy here who Piggy is?"

Francois hesitated weakly muttering, "But the charts.."

"NEVER mind your wretched charts!" She yelled rattling him by the foot.

Sighing he said as if he had said it a thousands times before, "Miss Piggy is the greatest interior designer to have ever lived. She has decorated the likes of palaces, temples and now your home."

"Good boy, Francois." She smiled flinging him back towards the kitchen.

"Rudolph sent you, I remember him saying something about a house warming gift."

"Good darling- Oh my gawd." She said fixated at something behind me.

Rayne had walked in through the door. He glanced at Piggy then at me waiting for a reasonable explanation.

"This is Piggy, she has come to make over our apartment. Rudolph sent her." I said watching the nerve on his jaw line twitch at the mere mention Rudolph's name. Rayne pointed to the front door and said, "Get ou-" Suddenly Rayne was silenced. A sausage like finger had rested upon his lips. Piggy whispered, "Hello darling. You're very handsome and I'm very rich would you like to my husband- well husband number 9." Piggy reached into her bra and pulled a wad of cash and waved it under Rayne's nose.

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