chapter 2

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leah's pov -

{ about 3 months later }

i just moved to la by myself last week right after i graduated. i have always wanted to move to la when i was little and so i finally decided to get my own apartment here.

kayla and i also have become best friends, internet best friends anyways. i've never actually seen her before, but she has seen me on my personal instagram. we talk everyday and she plans on meeting me next week. she also lives in la so it's gonna be awesome.

i got a new message from kayla.

my main💖: hey babygirl. i can't wait to see you next weekkk. we're gonna have to have girls night or something. i am sooo excited. want me just to come to your house so we don't have to meet up anywhere?

leah: yesss. i can't wait to see you😭. we'll prolly just hug for hours😩. here's my address 0000 sunset street apartment a6. how about monday?

my main💖: it's saturday were gonna see each other in 2 dayzz. how bout i come over around noon?😩

leah: ik babeeeee ahhhh girl i can't wait. see you then text me tmrw❤️

my main💖: byee my leah

for the rest of the day i unpacked and watched netflix, i also got a room for kayla ready since she's gonna be staying for the week.

{ skip to monday }

it was 10:56am. i took a quick shower and first put on my calvin klein under set and then a grey cropped t shirt with a pair of light wash high waisted pants, with my black and white adidas shoes. i put my normal makeup on and got the apartment ready and cleaned for kayla to come. it was now 11:49 and i was extremely nervous for some reason. what if she doesn't show up? what if she doesn't actually like me in person? what if it's really awkward?

my thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. shit.

i open the door and standing there is the jack glinsky. my mouth hangs open and i'm speechless.

"hey leah." he says smiling. i smile and run into his arms. he picks me up and i wrap my legs around is waist.

"are you even real?" i mumble into his shoulder.

he laughs. "yea"

i start crying realizing that the boy holding me has saved my life. have i actually been talking to jack glinsky these past 3 months?

"leah are you crying?" he says, lifting my chin up to see my face. "hey why are you crying?"

"you saved my life and i don't think i would ever meet you nor hug you." he hugged me tighter and then let me get back on my feet.

"so you catfished me?" i say laughing and crying at the same time.

"yea, i'm sorry, i just really wanted to get to know you."

"i'm not complaining. i never thought i would actually meet you." i say tears dripping from my eyes still.

"wanna take a pic for my insta?" i say smiling.

"of course."


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i finally met the person that saved my life❤️ @jackglinsky

i posted the picture and smiled.

"you're more beautiful in person" jack says wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his face into the crook of my neck.

"thank you" i say, blushing. "jack?"


"aren't you dating rachel?"

"no. she cheated on me."

"do you still have feelings for her?"

"no. i've moved on."

"you like another girl?"

"yea." my heart immediately shattered, but what was i thinking? a relationship with jack glinsky? he deserves so much better.

"oh." is all i say.

"i'm tired. i'm gonna go take a nap. i started my period yesterday and i feel like shit." i say. already depressed from our conversation and my thoughts.

"i'll come with, maybe i can make you feel better." he says. we go to my room and he gets comfy in my bed.

"is it ok if i sleep in my bra & underwear?" i ask laughing a little bit.

"yea i don't mind." he says smirking at me. i take off my shirt and pants and i'm left in my calvin klein bra and underwear. thankfully when i turned around he wasn't staring so i climbed in next to him and just stared at the ceiling. my cramps were killing me and all i wanted to do was sleep.

"are you ok?" he says turned towards me.

"yea, just my cramps are killing me."

"do you want me to rub your belly? it will make you feel better." he says, sticking his lower lip out.

"you don't have to do that, jack."

"i want to." he pulls me by my bare waist closer to him and looks my body up and down. i become really insecure and try covering myself up with my arms.

"your beautiful. don't hide." he says, making me blush. i take my arms off of myself and pull the covers up. his huge hand rubs my lower stomach in circular motions making me feel a little bit better.

"thank you." i say, scooting closer to him because i started getting cold. he wraps his arm around me and smiles.

"anything for you."

this chapter is really cheesy i know, but it kind of gave me the feels. bare with me chapters will be getting better.

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