Chapter 1

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Emily POV

I wake up to my phone ringing off the walls. My body groans inwardly but an instant smile crawls up to my lips when I realize who it is. "What time is it?" I groggily say into the device.

"7:30. How do blind people pick out clothes?"

Alison POV

I slide the clothes to the side as I try to pick out the perfect outfit. "I am guessing they wear a lot of sweatpants? You're not still serious about this."

I roll my eyes, "of course I am Killer. It's a great plan," I say to my best friend and only friend, really as I pull out a white romper, holding it up against my body as my view of myself takes over my gaze in the mirror. I smirk and wink at myself, then chuckle, throwing the outfit.

"Please tell me again how this will rescue us from obscurity because yesterday it sounded crazier than Kanye West's twitter feed."

A knock at my door breaks my conversation with Emily and I groan, "hold on," I say to her as I open the door. I pull it open, only to see my mother holding a mug with her classic, happy morning Jessica DiLaurentis smile, "morning pumpkin."

"Hey mom. I'm on the phone," I say and she nods, "happy Friday Emily! I made you some chamomile tea. You woke up slightly later than usual so I decided to save you some rushing." My lips smile warmly, yet impatiently as I nod, "thanks mom. But, I should go, Em's in crisis-" "oh no what happened?"

I clench my teeth nervously, "uh her...hamster died! Yeah she really needs a good pick-me-up girl talk. Love you, bye!" I shut the door and go back to talking to Emily.

"You know I'm creeped out by rodents as pets," she states as-a-matter-of-factly. I chuckle, "I know but I needed an excuse to get her away. Why can't I have a normal mother?"

Emily POV

I open my door to my mother flat ironing while a vacuum was in her free hand. She lifts her head up with a wide smile at me, "rise and shine!"

I shake my head and shut the door, "you and me both Barbie."

"Wow your pet names just keep getting better and better Killer."

I scoff at her joke, "so this means your my pet now? Gasp! Alison Lauren DiLaurentis, are you naming yourself my bitch?"

I can hear her angelic laugh through the line and I can imagine her cute little head tossing back while she grips her phone. "Ha, ha Miss Fields. You make me laugh."

A sly grin crosses my face as I inspect my clothes hanging up in my closet. "Alright so this plan of yours?"

"Right. So we live in Rosewood. The hidden gem inside the great state of Pennsylvania."

"Ah yes. How could I ever forget?" I joke and she chuckles, "exactly. And our high school is so tolerant and accepting that the outcasts are the in crowd."

My eyes do a full on roll to the back of my head as a longing dreadfulness fulfills my body. "Get on with the plan already Barbs."

"I found a way in. And trust me, they'll never see it coming."

"Oh boy...and that way is?" My gaze travels up to my ceiling when I feel another eye roll about to happen.


"See? People are already wondering about what happened to me."

"You're delusional," I say as I look around worriedly at everyone's eyes staring at us. Wow. The more eyes, the more self conscious I feel about myself and my idiotic blonde best friend walking beside me with her giant black bug glasses on her face.

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